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To the source, and back.

I made a tea out of a half ounce.

I made a tea out of a half ounce. After I drank it I waited about 45 minutes then ate the mushrooms in the tea bag that I used. Like normal it hit me in waves, I passed through the first 3 levels extremly fast. When reality started to break my ego fell apart to an objective view of myself. Since I have many hours of meditation I dont loose control, actuly I gain more control since there is no fear of the loss of ego. Seeing that reality was shiffting into my own universe. I become the creator, and a link between me and the source of all creation is then experienced with a feeling of bliss that no words could ever describe. Once I realised that Iam god and for the moment I get experience this with a solid foundation. I was able to creat thing at will, what ever I wanted would materialize right in front of me, the earth energy which is needed to have a phyiscal foundation in the reality I was expericening would pass through my left hand. Then the right hand would send out the energy from my mind, it is used to direct the earth energy into the form that I want. Then from the hearth light would pour out into the creation at hand and give it life, or a sustaing force so that once created it would hold its own form with out any assitance. After playing around with that for a while, I focused my self and went into another time thread where my spirit or another manifestation of my self in a different time space was experiencing life at leat 2000 years ago in this time tread. Now whether this seems impossible to you or not does not matter, the things I learned are exstencife and timeless. I have become the WIZARD with in.

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