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I remember alot of things this night, my parents were gone for the whole weekend and i had never triped before.

I remember alot of things this night, my parents were gone for the whole weekend and i had never triped before. I bought i slice and a half of mushrroms and me and this girl split it. After work I went and picked her up and we went back to my hosue. When we got there we smoked a little pot and were just having a good time. Around 930 i ate my first mushroom at first i thoguth it tasted liek shit so i kept on drink water. As time went on we kept on eating them liek it where candy or something. we were deep in conversation and were having a good time. after about half the bag was gone we started feeling it. we were both laughing and were all giggley and my brother was baked at the time and it felt liek me and here were conected and he was off in his own litttle area, even though he was right next to us. Then we started listing to music. as i looked at the windows it seamed that the window frames were moving around bouncing to the music. i thought this was reallly cool. Then we switched rooms and went to my living room as i finished the rest of the bag. I kept my eye on this fly that wes flying around and it wasnt talkign to me but it felt liek i had a conection with it. then one of my other firends came over. it changed everything alot. cause this was the girls boyfriend and it felt liek when he got there he was talking shit abotu me but he wasnt. then he turned the tv on and turend the channel to scrreeem... this freaked me out alot but i couldent help but watch the movie. as the movie ended i was scared and him and his gf went up stiars and went to bed, but i was still wide awake and a little scared. it was about 3 oclock and i had nothign to do so i layed in bed. ad i layed there it felt liek the ceeeiling was really high and that when i looked out side all the stars were moving around really fasst and felt liek i was spinning. i felt liek i was in space and the house was floating. so i decided to go out side. when i went out side i looked up at the stars and layed on the ground. It was the coolest thing i had ever seen it felt liek i was floating. in the moring i woke up on the couch. a couple weeks later it was haloween. i walekd into school and i saw someone from behind and i got a creepy feeling about it. as he turend aroudn ti was the guy from screem and it looked liek he was looking right at me but he wlaked away. my heart droped and i didnt know what to do and i just sat there and rememberd it was haloween...

i loved mushrooms and i am defenatly going to do them alot more

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