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Time Travel

There had seemed to be a surge of mushrooms and chocolates in my town over the last week or so and i was on probation anyways and couldn't do a whole lot else so me and my friend(we will call him Jon) decided to get some mushrooms.

There had seemed to be a surge of mushrooms and chocolates in my town over the last week or so and i was on probation anyways and couldn't do a whole lot else so me and my friend(we will call him Jon) decided to get some mushrooms. One of Jon's friends we found said that he wasn't even planning on selling the caps he was slinging to us but since he and Jon were so tight he would make an acception. We planned on waking up and eating the caps and then heading to a festival near where Jon lived. We both ate an 8th and decided to head down to the festivities around 1:30.

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but assumed it would just be like chocolates with alot more visuals but i was very excited. By the time we got to the festival the shrooms were kicking in pretty well and we both had a pretty good body high and a fair amount of visuals. There were alot more people at the fair than we had expected and we started tripping pretty hard so we decided to head back to his apartment. By the time we got back to his car we were both laughing histerically at apparently nothing at all (his brother was driving us).

When we got back to the house we realized how messy it was and kinda wanted to go somewhere a little more peaceful and quiet. At this point I started freaking out a little because i could not function normally at all. His brother was kinda messing with us and i was seeing all sorts of distortions by then and my body high was so intense i could barely control my muscles. His brother turned on the tv and me and jon were freaking out by this point because the trip was so intense. I couldn't believe it was so intense and i started to scare me a little so i tried to think of happy things. For awhile i was just in this pattern of trying to think of happy things then realizing how insanely loud and fast everything around me was. There was a fly buzzing around the room and it looked like a swarm of dots just going all over the place. Jon started saying something about how he wouldn't sell somebody these shrooms because it was so intense and that kinda freaked me out.

I had never done caps before and started thinking about if it would ever stop. The walls started switching spots and i didn't even know what was going on anymore. I stared at the ceiling and got pulled into a world of swirling colors and dots. It kept occuring to me that this wasn't the way that things really were and how different everything was than it used to be. I had no idea how long i had been tripping. I kept looking at people and they all seemed so evil and twisted. It occured to me where i was and i was still freaking out so decided to go lay down on Jon's bed and try to escape. I crawled on my hands and knees into Jon's room and pulled myself up onto his bed. I felt like i would do anything to escaped everything i was seeing. It just seemed so fast and unnatural. I tried closing my eyes and i realized there was no escaping.

When i closed my eyes i felt like was jerked into another universe. I couldn't feel or think or know anything. I just existed. Everything was the same and yet everything seemed so different. At some point i must have opened my eyes because I realized that my eyes were open so i closed them. Everything looked exactly the same whether i opened or closed my eyes. At this point i realized that no matter what i did there was no way to escape. I somehow "knew" that if i didn't accept that how this was the way things were I would go insane. I felt like everything was always this way and that i was just too scared to notice. I felt like i layed there for days and even when i thought i heard people talking i wasn't sure. I just traveled throughout this world that i was in looking at everything. I even felt like i had control of time because as i accepted where i was. I started to be able to almost control the world i was in, morphing the pieces to my every thought. I felt like i had a special knowledge of the world and could do anything i wanted. Every realization i had led to a new realization. The only thing that i recognized in my trip was a girl i knew(we will call her Jen) and it felt like the most comforting vision ever. With this thought some sense of who i was and where i would eventually be back to came to me. It was almost scary to think that i would have to go back to this place with all the troubles and worries i would have to deal with. I started thinking about the things that mattered to me. How ridiculous that all the stuff that shouldn't matter somehow MUST matter because that is how we are. As i came back into reality i just let my mind wonder and found myself thinking about what seemed like everything at once. I felt like i thought about everything and nothing at all for what seemed like another few days. Finally Jon walked back into the room and i started talking to him about what had just happened. As i was talking i felt like i could still control this new world i was in and felt as if me and jon were both on this plane between worlds that only we could have ever been. I felt as if we were somehow connected spiritually and mentally. As reality as i knew it before came back i saw everything in a new light that was somehow more beautiful. It was so comforting to know that everything in this world i was returning to wasn't ugly and painful and worrying. there were all of these colors and patterns that i felt like i had just been to lazy too see before. As we were talking i felt my body again and all of the pain from my legs and head. I realized that i was probably tired as hell although i still couldn't tell if my eyes were opened or closed. Eventually I realized that i couldn't quite remember what had just happened and felt like i was losing part of myself again. My body felt so tired and my mind felt so weak. My body hurt so much it was ridiculous but i also couldn't wait to get shit back in order realizing now that everything that we have to do is just something we have to do. Almost a price we have to pay to live in this beautiful world. As i came more and more out of my trip i felt like i was forgetting something extremely important but i also just felt really happy. Eventually i was just seeing visuals with no real body high and i just sat there talking to people for another 3 or 4 hours. I realized that i had almost been tripping for 7 hours at this point and the visiuals really didn't stop for about another 3 hours after that and i felt like i had had the longest day of my life. I tried to go back home and sleep but i started having somewhat of a bad trip now that i was alone. I felt so alone that i went to visit jen. It felt so comforting to be near someone. I am about 160 lbs, 18yos, male.

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