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Time is Eternity

an hq later with 3 great friends and i fall into a different wrold, as if no one was around me.

an hq later with 3 great friends and i fall into a different wrold, as if no one was around me. To better describe how i felt... Who cares. It started at her house, shanna that is. I picked up a half ounce for the four of us. Sharad and I got to her house at around one, rolled a few j's in preperation, while waiting for alex, the fourth man in. A little sheesha and trip to the variety to mix them shrroms with some chocolat made this the perfect day no parents, which is chillin when you're 15 and a bag of shrooms. Being mine sharad and alex's first time, we hadnt' the slightest clue what we were in for; that is other then every trip report and everything else on this site.we began to eat them minutes before alex arrived
once done we decided we should get outta the house before it kicked in. ten minutes later we were gone. It was chilly outside so shanna let me borrow some skin tight hoody sweater which i put under my shirt. as we began to walk to the park which was just around the corner, I found my self talking uncontrolably. Notice how i divide myself into 2, this is because I was 2. As hard as this may seem to understand ill try my bestto explain, during this report. Once we'd gotten to the park shanna, having done shrooms before started to trip, while I only was feeling a little high, similiar to weed but more uncontrolableand my body kept changing temperatures. however this played no effect later on in the way i felt. Note that early before arriving at her place, Sharad and I went to the dollar store nd search for trippy ass shit lol.we got a bag of bouncy balls, silly string in a can, this balll and something else i think but i cant remember. moving on, we moved to a grassy area in the park, more of a field id say.
It was the shape of a U , surrounding the outside of it was a five foot fence with a big yellow thing on top making about six feet all together. we sat down and i couldnt understand if i was feeling it or not , or i was just a little impatient and i couldnt wait for it to kick in. However, sharad and shanna had begun already. Alex keeping a low profile all day i cant say much about him except he said he only started to feel it when we started blazin which is later on. anyways coming back to the grassy field, shanna starts to listen to her ipod and although i wanted to use it to i never asked. sharad lied down on the grass and started starring out it. he told me to look at the grass and that every blade was its own and some how each of them defined itself. To a non-user this is very hard to understand , and the true essence of understanding this is by doing it.I told shanna i wasnt tripping and i couldnt understand this different point of view theory. She gave me a dandeline, and said here, just look at it. At first, all i could see was a dandeline, but was i looked closer these little polin stems onit or w.e.. it was suddenly shriveled up. My only response being holy shit, i knew it was kicking in. Sharad now began to have extreme mood swings and was totally careless. I took out the silly string and spayed it into the wind as we looked in aww as it flew away i asked sharad if i could spray him with it. At first he thought then he said okay. I then told him that he would get dirty and i asked him a few times if he realized wat i was about to do. With his response being yes, I immediatly started spaying him right on his chest. Were all on the ground pissing our pants laughing while im still spraying when alol of a sudden sharad says wtf, wat the hell are you doing you got me all dirty i told him he said i could as we began to pick the shit of his shirts and make balls out of it. Me, hnot tripping as hard as sharad was, YET. I decided to put the dandeline in the ball of silly string and tell sharad that it was growing out of the silly string. Tripping as he was he believed me for a second then i told him the truth and we all laughed hysterically again. we'd decided to go somewhere else. Where is a good question, none of us had the answer to that though. however we knew it would be about 20 minutes w.e. we wanted to go. sharad decide he wanted to no part with anyone and wanted to be left alone . i told him he was trippin balls and he decided to come. However he cjamged his mind about 30 times. during this time alex took a stick and ran all the way around the "U" fence making this crazy sound. I couldnt understand the sound. Better i couldnt understand how sound could be understood. As complicated as it may seem, it all made sense then.we meant many different places back to her house mainly but the majority of time was spent at the park. Howver ill move into less detailed about what we did and focus on how i felt. For me, i didnt see much other then eyes every where and shanna's mascara seperating from her face then becoming another set of eyes beside her face. At the time it seemed normally and i hadnt realized till after that i was actually just tripping out.
The first thing i though about was If anyone really cared, after realzing that nothing really matters after ahalf hour debate with myself i began to cry. And 10 seconds later i was the happioest kid in the world. Then i began to cry mood swings like that hit me about 4 times within that hour. I thought about jumping in this pond that i was letting my feet dangle in but then i realized that it was the stupidest thing in the world. But i fell out of reallirty a few times and actually consired it.i went in my shirt loving that sweater that id been wearing and appreciating it for the warmth it brought me. i began to smoke a j' as people walked by in the park but i was totally careless and nothing mattered att all i couldnt care less if a million cops walked by at that exact moment , it would have done nothing, cuz i was daniel, and fearless i stood.
halfway thourhg this long ass j' sharad had taken it without me realizing. this is when i realized that i understood everything. It just all made sense, it didnt matter what it was, this feeling was very over whelming and i couldnt understand how i understood, if you understand (pun intented lol).i asked sharad to ask me about something and i would explain it to him , seeing as how i understood everything. he asked me about a few things and my only answer was "i understand". Now at the present time, im thinking about the word understand, its a pretty weird word when you think about it. Anywho, I then realized that time is the greatest thing in the world something i couldnt about forever. This eventual;ly led to me figuring out that time is eternity. If someone of you understand this, please tell me, because i havent the slightest clue of wat is means now that im sober. Then the visuals kicked in after my 2 hour or 3 or 4 i dont know of trippy as thinking shit. As i began to look at the grass, every blade had a pair ofr eyes. For you to have a gbetter feel of what it looked like, it looked like 2 eyes on either side and the eyes resembled thouse of a chinese dragon.
Throughout the rest of the say thats wat i saw, these eyes every where. Someone, at some point in time i connected these eyes with time, and thus naming them, the eyes of time. Throughout this and when the trip was less intense i realized how this is how life should be, egoless, careless of what others think.
It was as though the world had flipped inside out and the only thing there was me and everything in the world except for people, which is why i was so careless. I some points i wanted it to end, when it got to intense i had to controll over it. Then this is when i realized the difference in between something that wasnt shroomy or trippy and something that was. The plants seemed to being sprouting out of the ground. I know they do actually do that, but the way i saw it was just different. And that has affected me for ever i always see everything in that perspective. Now although some people may see this as a negative, I see it as a positive. Now loking at plants they just seemed more beautiful and it made and makes me happy till this day.I smoked a few j' s that day but it had no effect and i never seemed to get high, or maybe i did but never realized. Anyways Green is officialy the greatest color and plants are the trippiest things in the world. Also, I figured out the true essence of life and when i looked at the plants or anything that was an organism it was actually alive now i know it is alive but you dont usually realize it when looking at it. I did , in this case.it scares me a little and things in general do now. I could never touch a plant because its alive, i see plants now as equals too nasty insects. Anyways thats all i have to say, however actually read all of this, if you havent done it, you should, experience of a life TIME.

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