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Time Flies

Recently I attended a birthday party for my friend Mark, and about 2 hours into the party a guy showed up asking around if anyone wanted any mushrooms.

Recently I attended a birthday party for my friend Mark, and about 2 hours into the party a guy showed up asking around if anyone wanted any mushrooms. I hadn't had a trip in awhile, and another one of my friends, Jim, who hadn't done them in awhile also, asked if I wanted to split the cost of ten grams. I quickly agreed, sensing that my mood was good, and I was on a nice herb vibe. He was already into the alcohol, not much but shrooms aren't always good to mix. We split them apart in the kitchen and he ingested his 3.5 grams with a chocolate bar. I on the other hand had been told of another way of ingestion, mixing them in a blender with OJ. So, I dumped my 6.5 grams in , mixed er up good, poured a nice tall glass and began to drink. ACH!! horrible taste, but what the hell, might as well choke it back. We both went our seperate ways after that, and I made my way over to the couch, and sat between two of the most lovely ladies I know, Jill and April. They were passing a fatty between them, and I asked if I could sit in. They had no problem, and I soon began to feel the effects of the mushrooms, the butterflies, and the widening of the pupils. At this point I had a quick look at the clock, 8:30. I became very engrossed in the movie on the tv, The Fifth Element. After about 20 minutes, I began to become very engrossed in talking to April, and everytime I looked at the movie and back to her again, she looked like the girl in the movie. I told her she looked like the girl in the movie and I wanted to kiss her. She kind of looked at me strange, but she leaned in close to me and began to kiss me, slowly at first, it seemed as though I were in heaven, courting an angel, my lips felt as though they were melting and my whole body felt warm and tingly. The mushrooms were now begining to overwhelm me quite a bit. I was losing touch with reality more and more often, for longer periods of time, but never losing sight of my angel, Soon she said she had to use the washroom, and I got up to get some air. I went outside and it was pitch black, save for the millions of colors dancing from my eyes. I glanced to my left on the porch and barely made out the frame of a Mountain bike one of the partygoers had ridden in on earlier. the closer I looked, the more the chrome seemed to gleam, the bars were bending and warping, and it looked like the most fun I could have. I grabbed it and started to ride down my friends driveway.he has a very long steep driveway, and I began to FLY, literally fly, I had no feeling or sense of riding a bike, just flying. I could control my flight path with simple leans to and fro. But all of a sudden I saw a wall just ahead of me I had to stop, cant stop, instinct jump....feels as if I jumped of a 10 story building falling forever, and then a hard, oh no I can't feel my legs, I start to scream my legs my legs, my legs, suddenly I am aware of something gripping me and trying to tugs me, I lash out at it, and turn my eyes toward it. There's two of them, long faces, big black eyes, long fanged teeth, and long black robes.I now begin to question myself, they start babbling all this gibberish to each other and it seems to me too. again one draws near, and reaches out toward me. This time I am on my feet and attacking, fighting against the soul stealers. Maybe I died, and they're trying to steal my soul. I push the one I attacked briefly away, and decide it's best if I run. I run and run and run and run, not knowing where I am what I'm doing or where I'm going. Finally I stop, I'm totally lost now, even on a universal plain, I stumble thru darkened forest, things scratching and tearing at my face, long claws, everywhere, I can't stand the insanity I am going thru, and I stop drop my body and lay. I can hear things, moving in the bushes. Shit it the Soul Stealers, they're back, I can just barely make one out getting close. I study it, looking, not knowing if it knows I'm there. I creep closer, suddenly there is a large noise I spin and see the second one, barreling at me. It tackles me to the ground, and they converse in their gibberish screeching and yelling. I fight, but they are both on me now, they have me, they put me down, I have lost my battle, I know I'm done when I begin to fade.........I awake to an imense roaring, and fire. I can make out black figures, fire all around me figures dancing...jumping around the fire, stoking the flames....suddenly as if out of nowhere my angel appears again, she helps me to my feet and away from the fire.we seem to hover over the ground, toward a huge figure with 2 big glowing eyes. we go up to the mouth, and she knocks three times.The mouth opens and we enter. she pushes me to the ground, and I feel like I sink into it. she lays her body on top of mine, and everything beins to melt, my insides running together, fading into and eternal oblivion, just me and my angel......I awake to pain in my knees, a hell of a mess, people strewn all about in various places various positions. Then I realize the weight on my body, and feel the two defining swells pushing into my chest. I turn my head and look straight up into the eyes of my angel, but then I realize it's April. she begins to kiss me slowly, after awhile we break our kiss and she asks if I want to light one up.Of course I say sure, and we climb onto the couch, shoving people around till there's enuff room for 2 butts. She lights up, and passes to me. I inhale deeply, and look to my left at the person who is crashed on the couch. It's Jim, I haven't seen or heard from him since we ate those mush, and boy did he have a hell of a black eye, and a bunch of cuts on his face. I ask April if she knows what happenedand she gives me a bewildered look. You mean you don't remember? she said. No, what do you mean?? Well, last night I went to the bathroom and you slipped out on me. Jim and Rob thought you were gonna smoke a joint by yourself, and they went to follow you.when they got outside, they saw you careening down the driveway on Ben's bike. They were just about to go inside, when they heard you scream. they ran down the driveway to investigate, knowing full well you may have been hurt. they said when they found you you were laying in the dich, your knees all torn up. I glanced down at my knees and realized they were a bloody mess. one had a deep gash in it, and the other had the skin ripped off in places. Jim tried to help you up, but you jumped up and started swinging, slugged him right in the face. then you ran from them, into the front yard thru the trees. They chased you but you were already gone. they started to search around in the forest, and finally Rob spotted you. You were laying on the ground again, and he thought you were hurt. He wanted to just go and help you up, but Jim thought an ambush would be better, because he knew by then that you were prolly very messed, and thats why you attacked him earlier. He snuck up on you as you were trying to sneak up on Rob, and tackled you.You fought them for awhile and managed to kick Rob in the hand and break his pinky finger. they picked you up, out cold, and brought you back here. By that time some others had made a fire in the backyard, and they brought you by it, and told the others to watch you while they came and got me. Then I came out and helped you in the house, we layed down and you passed out. It was all becoming clear to me now. Another thing was becoming very evident to me to. I looked April right in the eyes and said You are my angel, will you go out with me? She replied with yes, and we kissed some more. I think that good Mushroom trips are a link to the surreal, the supernatural, the unexplainable, or unexplained, the spirit world. Everything has a significance in your trip, you just have to be able to pick out the important ones, Angel.

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