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Time Disrupt

My first trip was something that changed my life for the better.

My first trip was something that changed my life for the better.
There are things that are in your mind that you forget and let go of,
things you didnt know about yourself, your friends, family, loved ones,
hated ones, the world at large. There are things you didnt know you knew.
When you tripp on shrooms there is a doorway opened, which had be blocked off
because we as people keep it shut from ourselves and each other.

The usual night, as any for me and my stoner friends.
We had been hunting them for a while and finally found atleast 30
between 4 of us we ate all of them, shrooms atleast 15-25 wet grams each.
Within the fuck 45 mins i started questioning myself, if those even where shrooms.
Which is a mistake to start with.. after the trip i understood why.

Anything you tell yourself you will most likely believe or wanna believe.
I convinced myself i was died and couldnt move.. i conviced myself i was
locked inside a camper trailer we had at the time. I had to use my cell
phone to get help. Which now that i look back it was insane...

After the first wave hit me and the rough part was over, time slowed down.
Almost as if everysecond slowed .01 of a second until time stopped.
i found myself in an extreme happiness state of mind, i could see everything in
my room ( which is the pot spot around my area ) clearly, i wasnt moving at a
normal speed, nothing but my mind was, it was the most joyful experience
ive ever had on a controlled substance. Slowly time went back to normal.
But its a trip id repeat over and over if i could.

Ive yet to get a trip like that again, but i havent had a decent amount since then

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