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thought i died...still do

hey, well ive actually only taken shrooms twice, the first time i had half an 1/8th and the second time, i had half an 1/8th of shake.

hey, well ive actually only taken shrooms twice, the first time i had half an 1/8th and the second time, i had half an 1/8th of shake. the first time shrooming was amazing i had awesome visuals. this story is about my second time shrooming and one of the worst expierences i have ever had.

well it was me and my two friends, paul and taylor, and we both slept over at his house and planed on eating or shrooms the next morning at around 8 because his mom went to work. i got no sleep that night because i didnt want to sleep past 8. we woke up and i began to split the 1/8ths of shake. i took a little more than an 1/8th and took all the cap pieces i could find. we began to chew them up. i sat on my friends bed and we began to watch this movie called donnie darko, which is not the best movie to watch shrooming but i couldnt even pay attention to the movie. well i knew i started to trip because i started to see these red ninja things behind shields and other wierd visuals. i was wearing a beanie on my head and it turned into blue static with yellow spots. i rembered reading somewhere you shouldnt wear things on your head while shrooming so i took it off and got a little panicky. i dont really rember what happened after i took of my beanie but the next thing i saw was the movie screen moving on the wall and the ceiling. i was watching the movie on the ceileng and than the wall. i knew i was tripping hard and than i layed down.
as we all know you have this urge to get comfortable while shrooming, so i began to roll around. suddenely i stopped and just layed there. than everything went black and my head went "your dead"....this was the worst expierence i have ever had. i wasnt breathing, at least i didnt think i was, i couldnt tell if my eyes were open or closed, i couldnt move my body at all. i just layed there thinking about my parents and when my friends are going to call 911. just think about it, to actually think that you are dead, what a fucked up feeling. i thought it was just gonna be pitch black forever. than all of a sudden i saw the room and took a huge breath without even knowing it, than it went back to being black (dead.) than in my head i thought whoa fuck im trying to come back to life. i soon came back and ran into the bathroom and threw up. i was awake and still didnt know if i was breathing and asked taylor to make sure i was, he didnt really care so i layed in bed and put my fingers up to my nose to make sure air was coming in and out so i woudlnt forget to breathe. we changed the movie to half baked and that made my trip better, but than i went back to the dead thing but i knew i wasnt dead because i could move my body and i was seeing the craziest visuals. i couldnt tell if my eyes were open or closed, (and i still dont know if they were to this day) so i kept touching them, as this was going on i saw the couch from the simpsons just splash into all these pokodote colors and than all these mushroom stems bouncing around, still not knowing if my eyes were open or closed. i dunno when but i than came back to seeing the room. my friend taylor wanted to go trip outside so i tried to get up but it was almost impossible, i could barley walk and my body felt really hot. i was sick when i shroomed and i think i might have had a fever.
thats pretty much it, ive talked to people about this before and some guy had a similar trip and he said this happens when your just about to go into a ceseaure(sp) i dont know, ive talked to people and they said shake has hit them the hardest and others said it did nothing. i didnt even take a full 1/8th but this was by far the worst expierence ever and i still believe i died and came back.....and i cant wait to shroom again!

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