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This was level 6

Me and some friends had been wanting to try mushrooms for months now, and since it was mushroom season, we went out to the locals woods to go picking.

Me and some friends had been wanting to try mushrooms for months now, and since it was mushroom season, we went out to the locals woods to go picking. We were very sceptical but lo and behold we found some that matched the pictures and descriptions we printed off from Erowid.org

We found loads! We dried them and then went to my friend Jon's house, where the three of us grabbed a handful of shrooms each and downed the bastards! We had no idea how much we were meant to take, but a handful seemed reasonable at the time...

...Jon and Lee (the two friends who where with me) complained that they tasted like shit, but I kind of liked the taste! I felt like this was a good omen...

It was snowing outside at the time, remember this because it's important. We were all watching the Simpsons double bill on Sky One, and John and Lee where laughing their asses off at the tele. I sat there and watched the snow, this is when I felt it coming on. The outside world looked like one of those snow shakers. We turned the radio on Classic FM, and there was some music playing that sounded like a toy shop. I felt like I was inside a snow shaker, and I loved being a part of this snow world.

After looking outside the window for a while, I felt like I had lost track of time. I looked at the television and there was some film on, and I wondered what had happened.

I looked at the clock on the television, and it seemed to be dancing but not moving. I decided to turn it off since it was freaking me out. I kept feeling waves of relaxation run over my body, they seemed to be in rythm with the music. I looked outside the window...

...and I was given the fright of my life. I could see a Santa Clause pressed up to the window staring right back at me. I just sat there and tensed up completely. It felt like I jumped out of my skin in fright and then fall back into the couch. I pointed at the window and screamed "Can't you see it?!?!" and my friends weren't paying attention, they were just sat on the floor with their eyes shut and told me too be quiet, they're thinking.

I got up and started moving around the room, and the Santa Clause eyes followed me. I kept thinking I would fall over. I must have been tripping so hard, I didn't think these things could happen. Then the Santa Clause, with a quick jolt of movement, walked out of the view of the window and what appeared to be towards my door. I've never been so scared in all my life, I thought he was going to break into the house and kidnap me and use me as a little helper.

Then the toy shop music came off and I heared a really bassy voice announce the name of the song. It was SO deep. It was this point I realised only about 5 minute had passed, but the Santa Clause seemed to be staring at me for hours. Some other rather minimalist classical piece came on and I seemed to forget about the Santa Clause, and sat back on the couch, and closed my eyes.

I saw two eyes looking back at me, and for no apparent reason I screamed "there's two eyes where my eyes should be!" Again, my friends just told me to be quiet. They didn't seem to be havint the experience I was having. My throat felt so tight, so I got up and went to the kitchen. My whole house seemed to be laughing at me, and the windows of my house appeared to be winking at me, the blinds where opening and shutting, and the house seemed to be rotating all the way round. It seemed to take hours to get to the sink, but I enjoyed the journey there. I turned on my tap and the running of the water just seemed so beautiful I felt like crying. I must have been watching it for ages. Then I decided I couldn't possibly waste this water, for all it's done for me. I thought that my body was Nirvana for droplets of water, and I got three glasses out and filled them all up and walked back into the room.

It felt like a week had passed when I got back into the front room, and I placed the glasses by my friends and then sat back on the couch and drank my glass.

I kept seeing mad shit outside my window, like ghosts and demons, so I shut the curtains and turned around.

My friends asked me to hold their hands, telling me it was the coolest thing ever. So I went over to them, knelt down and held their hands. Suddenly I felt my brain open, and I felt like I was me and my friends all the same time. We kept looking around at eachother, our pupils dancing around. We told each other how wierd it was, because none of us knew which of us we where. We were scared to unlock our hands incase we fell out of this universe we seemed to have created. Then I closed my eyes, and I felt like I was the entire universe.

It felt like I was nothing, yet I was everything. It's so hard to explain in words, but it felt like every living thing is a part of each other. Everytime the music changed slightly, I seemed to feel my brain open another lid. It seemed to freeze me everytime it happened because it felt like I was peeling. Soon I had dissapeared, I had died, and I was so cold.

I opened my eyes, and found I was lying in the snow and shivering. I had no idea how I got out here and it scared me shitless. I ran in the house back into the front room and asked my friends how the fuck I got outside, and they said I walked out. They told me they were coming down, but I was certain I wasn't. I decided to lie down on the couch and closed my eyes. Then the wierdest thing that has ever happened in my life happened...

...suddenly, I was unable to comprehend anything. I couldn't even comprehend my own thought process! Usually when I think, I think to myself in English. I seemed to be talking to myself in maths, and it was the only way I could understand anything. I opened my eyes and NOTHING made sense. NOTHING meant anything at all, and it was like I'd never seen anything in my entire life. The only way I could describe it was as if a blind man who was born blind had finally been able to see. Strangely, I seemed at peace. I wasn't even thinking, but I was just sort of lying there. My mind must have given up trying to comprehend things and everything just totally vanished. I wasn't even thinking. Usually when I trip, I think really fast, but I wasn't thinking a thing. This must have lasted for at least an hour, I have no clue how long it lasted. But it seemed like eternity. This was beyond Level 5, it must have been. I've never experienced this on a trip in my life. I am completely at a loss on how to describe this. I felt like I slipped into a different dimension.

Just then I heared Lee's voice, and everything I'd ever learned seem to rush back into my head at once. Everything was still very strange, but something's gained a certain familiarity. Still, I just sat there and let myself come down.

When I felt myself coming down, I decided to just get up and play with things in the house, like the sink I filled with water, and I played on my drums. The beats I played were so different than I'd ever played before, so I decided to record them (when I sobered up, the beats seemed to be reggae beats and other such beats with odd time signatures, which is odd because I usually just play rock and pop beats).

Anyway, we finally came down and talked about our trips. John and Lee had very cool trips that were similar to mine, but they didn't experience what I have dubbed my level 6 experience.

So, in conclusion, this is the best trip and best experience of my life. Apart from the Santa Clause experience (which was very odd, nothing like that's happened to me either), everything was beautiful. This trip was so much different from any other trip we've ever been on. We're not sure what the 'breed' of mushroom we picked was, but suffice to say, we've picked more:)

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