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This song is called Tripping Out.

Alright, so me and my friends were visiting someones house for a big party for her b-day.

Alright, so me and my friends were visiting someones house for a big party for her b-day. Only problem was, all her friends were in high-school still. So, naturally me and my friends didn't have a problem with this so during the night we pretty much isolated ourselves from the rest of the party. We were in our self-proclaimed "Shroom Room" where the 5 of us munched down a couple grams each of some blue and gold mushrooms. I'm not going to go in depth about my friends trip, just mine. So, I cooked up some grilled cheese and put the mush inside and ate them up good. After about 30 minutes of us playing Texas Hold 'Em, I started to feel the effects. That's when all of us decided to vacate the shroom room.

So, I went around and instantly started tripping out on this one girls hair who was up in this crazy looking bun. That lasted for about twenty minutes, I went outside for a smoke and let me tell you that was by far the greatest cigarette I had ever had. Every single puff just made me so care-free, this led to me taking a few hits from this one chicks green bong.

After that a few of us went for a walk to the store, I was laughing at some of the stupidest shit ever, while my friend had this 60 of Gin in his hand sipping from it casually. We ended up making it to the store like 20 minutes later, and it was closed. So, we kept on walking without a care in the world.

So, I stopped after about 15 minutes of walking and asked them why we were still walking. They said they were looking for something, so I basically said "fuck that" and walked back to the house. I went into the kitchen and my friend Colin was standing there yelling "The Foreign fuck broke a glass!" This foreign kid from Ukraine I believe had never done anything like this in his life, lets just say we made him experience the joy of shrooms.

His eyes were literally black, no joke at all it was kinda fun to look at.

I started tripping balls! There was cocoa puffs all over the ground! I didn't know what the hell was going on.

So, I ended up going back into the shroom room where two of my friends were. For the love of god, they were staring at this one part of the sealing without a tile, and they told me it was melting. So, I enduldge myself into that and it immediately started melting. That was my peak point, the walls were melting into each other. That lasted over an hour... I had lost track of time, and asked Mike where the rest of us were. He didn't have a fucking clue, so I left the shroom room again and found the smell of puke all over the house.

God damn high school kids, not knowing how to drink there alchohol. They threw up everywhere! No fucking way I was cleaning up that shit... So, I gathered up my friends and we all ended up back in the shroom room except for Colin who was macking on this girl. We ended up lying down for a few hours just looking at random things and staring at them.

Once in a while we would here people puking upstairs, and it was trippy to say the least. We'd be yelling at them too fuck off. This one girl didn't know how to aim and went all over the hallway outside our shroom room. So, Cory got up and started bitching at her telling they should all learn how to aim. That rant ended up going on for about 30 minutes, to my surprise.

We ended up turning the lights off to trip out on some of those stars that you stick on the wall that glow in the dark, they started moving like shooting stars... Then, the most fucked up thing ever happened. It started RAINING in our Shroom Room! HAHAHA The toilet upstairs ended up overflowing, and the place in the ceiling where there were no tiles, well the water came RIGHT through there onto a table in front of my feet. That was fucked to say the least...

After about an hour of water dripping, and us watching it Colin comes stumbling in and proclaims he can't drink anymore... Then he looks at the door knob that has been raped from us coming barging in to the Shroom Room... "Guys, we really pooched this door" he said... Almost HALF of the 60 is gone. We all had a good laugh at that one.

We ended up laughing like crazy for about 3 hours after that and then we crashed around 5:30 having to wake up at 9:00 the next morning.

The trip lasted a total of 8 hours. Greatest night EVER!

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