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this has no name

once, on a day that could have been any other day, I took an eigth of mushrooms at about 8:00 at night.

once, on a day that could have been any other day, I took an
eigth of mushrooms at about 8:00 at night. As I was waiting
for the effects to come on, wathing some T.V., I suddenly
fell asleep. You know how mushrooms do that to you.
Anyway, I woke up about half and hour later for some strange
reason, and realized that th eroom looked as different as
can be, knowing full well by then that I had already
startted my trip. The first thing that I did was walk over
to my C.D. player to put on some music. I was trying an
experiment to find the effects of other such different kinds
of music to listen to whiole I was on the drug to find out
whter or not the different music would effect me any
differently. The first C.D. that I randomly picked out was
some opera C.D. I usually don't listen to that shit, but at
teh time, it sounded all right. I put it in and supposedly
pressed play. After a while, the music started going, and I
started thinking about the realations of peace and mind,
etc. I was also focusing on teh room that I was in and how
visually destructive I could get it to be just by thinking
certain thoughts. I flexed my arms out, and the whole room
staarted to bend out, and sort of breath. This is way
before the movie "the "Matrix" even came out, I mind you.
Anyway, there was also a lot of shapeshifting going on.
Kind of like my whole analysis of the room just wen tinto
bad reception at times, and certain objects just sort of
shifted from one place to another every so often. I then
decided to go back into my mind. I saw my emotions lined up
as colored tear drops. Each emotion, such as sadness,
hapiness, etc., were lined up according to the colors that
they would be most recognized in. I felt a sudden urge to
cry, and I remember gradually trying the poke or break the
blue teardrop that I thought was my key to being sad. I
gradually broke, and I had my first good cry in about ten
years. After this, I had thousands of colored amiba shaped
objects stretching from teh middle of my visonary mind, to
the very edge. They all wrapped around, and somehow changed
into a laser show type of red lined movie picture in which
spaceships were shooting lasers at a castle. I had the
usual repeating voices and complete randon thoughts that
would somehow intermingle with everything else that I was
thinking about at teh time. As I got out of my inner mind
trip, I looked around teh room once again. It seemed as red
as death, and teh horizon out teh window had a tint of
purple, orange and yellow. The sun wouldn't even be up for
another four hours. As I looked back into teh room, I
realized that it looked like something out of a private eye
movie. The office being that of which had teh glass pane
doors in which had the name of the investigator in black
letters in teh front. There were many experiences in
between these illusions of mine that I cannot recall for
some reason. The last thing that I remember was that the
music had stopped. The opera actually really set up quite a
nice ordeal, and it was getting more beautiful every minute.
I had set it on repeat, so it had no reason to stop in the
first place. When I walked over to teh stereo though, I
noticed that i thadn't even been turned on in the first
place and that the plug was out. It was the last thing that
I did before everything went insanely wrong for a while.

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