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They All Laugh

The day I had my first shroom trip was one of the worst days I've ever had.

The day I had my first shroom trip was one of the worst days I've ever had. I had been kicked out of my house and my father brought me to a half way house. I had decided earlier that I would not be staying there, ever.

I left the half way house at 8 pm and they were expecting me to come back at 10. I was extremely mad and did not know what to do, I was thinking I was going to stay at one of my friend's houses. I ate some of the shrooms walking towards the bus stop, about 4. I had around 9 grams left, though I didn't know that at the time. I really did not know how many grams of shrooms I ate at first, and did not know by looking at the caps or stems, which were slightly dark. I was waiting for the bus now and decided to eat a few more. The bus finally came and I got on.

I sat on the bus pondering on what I was to do all night, and for the rest of my life, bad idea. I ate a few more, this was the worst move of my life. I had now aten about 8 grams. Even after that I was sitting there looking around the bus wondering why it wasn't working at all. Then suddenly I could sort of make the textures of the seats on the bus move into a dragon shape. It was so interesting to me at the time, my first hallucination. I suddenly realized I had missed my stop by 1 so I pulled the cord and got off. At this exact moment my trip started, and I will tell you why. I felt like my head was floating as I exited the bus, time had slowed drastically. I started to run towards my friend bob's house because I had an extreme excitement to get to a nice warm house. It was quite cold out, I live in Canada and it was winter. Suddenly I was at bob's door and the colors started to get weird. This was about 45 minutes after I ate the shrooms. This was the REAL start of the trip.

I was now in my friends house and one other of my friends was there. I just looked at them strangely because I knew they thought I was messed up. The room started to breath and sparkles were all over. I was really starting to get nervous and I wanted to hide in my friends covers. But they continued to look at me with fear and said we had to go. I did not like this, I was really scared suddenly, so I went to the washroom. I sat in there breathing with the house, started to lose all feeling of my body. I sat on the toilet and tried to breathe normally. I looked in the mirror and it scared the crap out of me. My whole face looked red and was morphing into totally different things, I think at least. Everything was breathing with me, it was amazing. I think that at that moment if I had stayed in his house for the night everything would have been better. but it did not happen, nothing good did. We then headed off towards the bus stop again.

It was so cold and I had trouble walking, all I knew was follow them. The cold was really depressing me, I felt like this is what I deserved, I'm a druggie. My parents brainwashing coming up, the world felt like it was all sad and I was walking through it like a dream. I felt evil.

We waited in the bus stop for a long time, my friends continued to look at me strangely. they had never did shrooms before because they believed it was a hard drug, they are idiots. They believe marijuana is the only drug you can do, and even that you should be ashamed, other than that you are going up the drug chain or something, anyways. I felt a lot of sadness and negativety from my one friend bob, it really angered me. Finally we got on the bus, it got worse. I felt like everyone knew I was fudged up, my friends said my pupils were like my whole eye now, and that was true as I confirmed later. I could hear what everyone was saying on the bus and it started to go through my head like a repetitive song. It really started to spook me out, it was drowing all sound out. Every word from my friend seemed like this sentance out of the void, as if it was so loud. I was morphing into the bus, I could feel the seat in me, my face felt like bubbles were going all over it. Soon we got off and I had no idea where we were. Now I really started to get paranoid because i was trying to figure out how long it was until I had to get to the half way house, and the math wasn't computing in my mind, plus i wasn't sure why I suddenly thought I should go. I started to feel it was the right thing, but no other thoughts. I just followed my friends again, the whole world was bubbling up in the air and freaked the shit out of me. We were going into a cold windy field. My friends had no idea what was going on with me, it made me mad. I kept saying stop being so mean to my friend, and the other one was actually saying nice things to me. I felt compassion in his eyes, it made me slightly happy. We kept walking until we were near a bench. I didn't know why we were here, but my sound function was almost completely fucked up. My friends talked to me but it just came out as weird sounds, and sometimes I would hear a word, but I thought it was lamp. And I thought every sentance my friends were saying was the same one ending with lamp. It scared me, my stomache really hurt at this moment. Suddenly some guy came up and I understood they were making a drug deal. He talked to me but he was half german so It sounded like gibberish to me, I started to half puke and my world felt like it was falling in on me. They told me after I made a sound they never had heard before. It seemed like forever and they gave me a puff of a joint and it made me so happy. Then suddenly we were off again, cold was taking over, I hated myself. The idea of me making it back in time kept going through my head, then we were in a forest. The trees were folling me, whispering and trying to scare me away, I hated it. I couldnt walk and the ground was moving and sparkling. I suddenly had the urge to throw my stuff away because it was easier to remember what was on my that way, I felt better. I through my shrooms away and my wallet, then suddenly my friend saw and told me to get my wallet. When continued through the scary forest. Then we came upon a plaza. MY friends kept asking if I wanted food, I understood now. So we went in, the whole place was moving and I felt like I was the store. So I couldn't understand what food was really, we left out of nowhere. Now outside my friend bob ran into some people and told them I was so fucked and they all laughed at me, it was also unpleasant. Then we were off to the bus again, that was good. But once on the bus more voices were going through my head and I really felt like I couldnt move, and closing my eyes made me see stuff I couldnt handle. My friends got transfers so I got up and thought I should do what they did, I said something weird about the transfer and the bus driver just looked at me for like 10 seconds, then he gave it to me. I sat back down, then all the voices started to say weird words out of nowhere, it echoed through my head, forever.

We then got off downtown and started walking, I followed them across the road and almost got hit by a car. I felt sort of like I was in the road, I wanted to stay there, but I did not. We went into harveys and the heat made me SO happy and filled with joy. I just sat down with my hands on my cheeks, they felt like they were moving around, my hands then totally lost all feeling and I just stayed there breathing. So many thoughts went through my mind, I just coulnd't explain, then i left the place. We just went down the street a bit to my friends house, the worst was over. The house was completely moving around, and I lost all talking ability again, I just went upstairs, and to my one girl friends bed. It felt so loving and warm, I just curled up in the corner under this bunk bed away from everyone. All the things in the room were moving and I couldn't understand it.

That night I just chilled with my friends and felt love, hate and just mellowed out. It was great. Overall it sucked but it taught me a lot, I could say more in person. One more thing though, I once had a worse trip where I ate more, it was scary shit, I couldn't type it even if I tried. I just layed there on the bed with my friend with my eyes closed for hours not moving, lost all contact with reality, just colours and feelings. The End.

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