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icelandic mushrooms

Ive been shrooming for about a year now (1-2 times a month) and never had a bad trip.

Ive been shrooming for about a year now (1-2 times a month) and never had a bad trip. The mushrooms usually take 10-20 minutes to kick in, I havent weighted the dosage I usually take yet. I usually eat around 20-40 shrooms (they are really small, im not sure what they are called, but they are icelandic) and from that I get around 6 hours of trips.

It usually starts with a little nausea for 10-15 minutes, and then the sound starts to change to, well i dont know exactly how to explain it its like it gets stronger and bright colors become fun to look at. Sometimes I see a weird blurring effect around the area Im looking at. (If you've played GTA san andreas, the blur effect is similar to the one you get in the game when you're driving with nitro) Everything is funny and watching a movie is great because I just get sucked into it.

I can think clearly the whole time, and I can easily control myself, and if I focus (for example if I meet someone who I dont want to know what Ive been doing) I can easily get out of a trip, and the hallucinations stop and I feel almost normal.

But after few hours my thoughs get a bit weird. I start to think how simple life is and how boring it is to get stuck in a loop for the rest of your life. By loop i mean like work every day, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep etc. And my friends say they think about the same that too. But you can easily ignore the thoughs by focusing on something else. Sometimes I also wonder if I'm insane :P because I get stuck in really deep thoughts, but again, I can stop doing that by focusing on something else (colors, music, tv) :).

I've read on the internet that when you're coming down from shrooming you'll feel like shit. I've never heard about that or felt that, and neither have my friends. We usually feel very good for few hours after the trips have stopped and just feel like sitting and eating or watching tv or talking. Maybe its just the icelandic mushroom? I've heard that its one of the best MM in the world. In Christiania in koben (its like a hippy town in the capital of denmark where you can easily buy hash and weed) they trade for icelandic mushrooms (like 30g of weed for 1-2g of icelandic mm I've heard.)

I've never heard of or seen someone having a bad trip of those mushrooms either. I was really scared and didn't know what to expect the first time i took those MM's but it still felt so great.

The MM's start to grow in late august - september. Last summer we boiled them and drank a tea. But for the last few months weve had to eat them dry (they taste so bad :P). The tea was a bit stronger. More hallucinations and the trips lasted longer.

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