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TheTrees Are Chasing Me!!!! AWWWW!! or HaHa!!!

Well this was only the second time I had done mushrooms.

Well this was only the second time I had done mushrooms. The first time I took like 2 caps and a stem which was like maybe a gram or gram and a half. My first trip I saw very light visuals like the carpet moving in a pattern and got a lil bit of the giggles like I was stoned.

Anyway it was a friday afternoon and there was nothing to do so we started drinking and smoking some herb. So after a while, given our drunk and high state of minds, I came up with the idea to shroom and everyone was down for it. So my friend had the hookups with some shrooms, so drunk off a pint of Southern Comfort Black Label I drive to my friends house and get a Z. We go back to my friends house and weigh them out turned out to be hooked up and there was about 17 grams dried. everyone only wanted to do 3 grams but given that I was drunk I wanted to do 5 grams so we took them. And off we go!!!!!!

I ate about a quarter bottle of Vitamin C tablets and filled up my pint of SoCo twice with OJ. After a while i felt how I had before except for the more intense visualizations. Then it really hit me. I felt very "INDIVIDUALIZED" from everyone else, like if everyone else were just physical illusions of my mind. It is said that weak minded people can't handle drugs and for the first time in my life this was very noticeable. Everyone else started tripping nuts and saying I'm going to die. This made me very uncomfortable so I called my freind E to come pick me up. When he got there he called me to go outside and I ran to get away from the "psychos" that were making me trip hardcore.

But when I got outside it was definitely over for my ass.
Literally the Fucking TREES WERE CHASING ME!!!! Aaaaaw!!!!! Then I just lost it. I laughed hysterically for the next two hours. My friend E went to pick up my friend J and all I wanted to do was sit in the back of his SUV and stare out the back and watch the road. If anyone has ever watched the horrible Biker Boyz movie and seen the parts where they get in the zone and their vission gets tunneled it was like that except 100 times more intense. So this was the great part of my trip. Then it started raining for days we were parked with the wipers full blast and couldn't even make out street lights so that made me trip balls. After a while it stopped and we just hung out in a stash place out in the country side for about another hour and talked about shit and watched the stars. After a while my friends wanted to go home because they were tired and it was about 2:30 in the morn. So since I couldn't go home i told him just to take me back to my other friends house. This made me fell abandoned? Suggestions

Anyway to my surprise they were still there and still in the worst trip. "It's never going to end" and shit like that made me start to trip bad again. So this is when I totally lost it. My mind was straight up counting down for lift off. The individualized feeling i had before came back but was so more intense. Like each one of my friends made up a part of my life that was to direct me in a certain way. Some were evil some were good. Like my friend Adam was my guradian angel since he has the same name as Adam form Adam/Eve. And my family although I can't remember exactly what I was experiencing was my only sense of well being. At about 4, my friends had started to come down and stopped flabbergasting. Then I started talking to my self and everyone kept asking me "Are you Ok?" But it was like they weren't tallking to me but instead a voice inside my head like a secondary self conscious or conscious period. Then all the "it's never going to end," and shit came back and I couldn't get it out of my head. Like I was in a dream and was never going to wake up. If anyone has ever had a concusion and you get the feeling like you are living in a dream it was like that except I was conscious of what going on. kind of like when you are waking up in the morning and you know you are dreaming but know you are waking up, except with your eyes open. After a while I couldn't take it anymore and decide to drive to my house which was about two miles away. it never seemed so long the buildings were melting and the road tunneled for miles.

From the stories I've read people say that their trip is two parts: a "demonic" so to say where thoughts of death enter the mind, and "angelic" where thoughts of enlightenment come into play. but mine was like a teeter totter.

The most interesting thing I pondered though was what if while you are under the influence you see things for what they really are and when you are sober it is to distort the truth???? Or it is to make you see what you need to do to correct the wrongs in your life. Because I've heard of alcoholics that do LSD, which has a relative chemistry makeup to mushrooms, and never touched alcohol again. Go Figure!!!

But those were the major accounts of my trip. Whether or not you think my story was great or just plain stupid post your comments because I would like another point of view. Thx

Only do Mushrooms with friends you absolutely trust or have the them babysit. Your trip will be more enjoyable!!!!

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