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These mushrooms were potent, as was the dose!

I received an 1 ounce of dried mushrooms from a friend who just returned from the state of Oregon.

I received an 1 ounce of dried mushrooms from a friend who just returned from the state of Oregon. These mushrooms were given to me as opposed to being paid for so that alone was special. I had tripped on mushrooms before but, what I was getting ready to experience was out of this world. I remember looking over the sack and noticing that two of the dried caps were the size of grapefruits and were a light orange and gold color with tiny white dots on the tops. The stems were bright white with blue and purple stains all up and down the sides and were about a foot long and about 1 1/2 in. in diameter at the bases of the stems. After looking over the mushrooms wondrously, I then began to plan the experience for the next day. I set up candles all over the house with colorful psychedelic posters ALL OVER the house. I laid out all of my Persian style rugs that had beautiful psychedelic like designs as well. I specifically took
my 1 week vacation from work for this event.
The next morning my dear friend and ultimate trip buddy arrived at about 11 am. We both weighed out about a 1/4 of an ounce for each of us. The time was about 12:30 pm in the after noon. We then kicked back and begun discussing what it was we wanted to achieve from this experience. We both agreed not to have any expectations due to the positive high spirits that we both felt. We kept the television and other electronic equipment off to clean out any negative electronic magnetic chaos that our bodies might have been retaining. We both had our acoustic guitars with us just in case of a divine musical inspiration. I am about 6 ft and weigh about 175 lbs. My friend is about 5 ft 10 in and weighs about 200 lbs just for the record.

At about 6 pm we began to each ingest a 1/4 ounce of mushrooms, chewing and retaining the mushroom pulp in our mouths for about a half an hour. At about 7 pm I was already beginning the effects. I was sitting on my floor on one of my rugs and began to feel like I was taking off in a plane. I was starting to feel a little anxious but, I remembered to breathe and not concentrate on anything in particular. My friend was right in the middle of smoking a cigarette and suddenly looked at me and said, "I just had my last cigarette for the night". I suddenly felt a panic rip through me because of that statement. What he said seemed so absolute. So solid. I then realized I felt what he had felt at the exact same moment. He felt his mortality shrink with every drag of his cigarette. I suddenly burst out in laughter over this realization. He too, burst out in laughter over this. We weren't physically
speaking to each other but, we were connected in our minds. I glanced over at the clock and it read: 8:18pm. This number was so significant to me but, I couldn't remember consciously why. I then remembered that it was my birthday, August 18th to be exact. I then began to cover all the clocks in the house and noticed that it looked a very deep orange outside. The sun was setting! I raced outside so that I wouldn't miss it! I looked to the west and seen the most beautiful sun half hidden behind a beautiful pink/ orange and white cloud.
It was weird because it was the only cloud in the sky. I then looked to the east and saw it. The moon was HUGE! It was almost red in color. The sky began to look purple, then dark blue, then black with with different colored specks.

I retreated into the house to light all the candles and was in a slight panic because all I could see in the dark was Mexican motif kaleidoscopic images all over everything. I then seen a spark jump out of the colors and remained hanging in the air as a flame. It was my friend's lighter lighting a candle. I seen the room light up more and more as he went from candle to candle lighting them. The whole room was now writhing in restlessness and exposing cosmic colors within each ripple of positive madness. As my friend sat back in my recliner, I seen the recliner accept his energy and sigh with relief as he let out a breath of relief. I saw his eyes and they were like two round glass holes in his head. His skin was crawling with different unrecognizable shapes. The whole room appeared to be breathing and writhing restlessly. I would blink from time to time yet the image of what I was looking at would not cease for that moment. It would change into something else in my mind. It was dark outside now. We were out int the country so there were no lights of any kind around except for very distant streetlights from a far away town dancing on the horizon and changing colors more and more rapidly.

I began to laugh nervously. Ever thing was writhing and unrecognizable now. I know someone was just here a minute ago. My friend was missing inside these restless moving colors. He's over there somewhere. What does that mean, to be "over there" anyway. I suddenly realized I couldn't tell the difference between my eyes being open and shut. I think it was brighter behind my eyelids than it was with my eyes open. I suddenly felt dripping wet with sweat. I tried to call out to my friend but, could not verbalize anything. It came out in moans and coos. I was transforming into something else. I laid on the floor.
writhing restlessly with my environment. I started to see images of my childhood. I saw an old red barn. Everyone thought it was haunted. I was an infant back then! I was becoming an infant again. I felt myself shout out loud. Not out of panic or negativity but, just a release of energy I felt I was withholding from the world. I then saw myself sitting on one of my rugs and my friend was sitting on the rug across from me. He had a very wise look in his eyes. He was connected to me mentally. He understood . He was going through it with me. We had just passed our peak time.

Suddenly I realized that I was lying on the floor still and my buddy was still sitting in the recliner. He looked like he was watching over me. I sat up and I giggled nervously he then replied," that old barn was spooky huh? I just grinned.
We then piked up our guitars and begun to play some of the best music I had ever heard with these ears. We wrote a song that night called, "Color of Lost and Found". We then went outside to enjoy the night. Watching all the colors, and kaleidoscopes churn and breathe out of everything. As the sun came up I felt that I was blessed with the presence of a higher power that night. I had never connected minds with someone like that. All the next day we tried to discuss what we had experienced but, we just couldn't find the words. Up until today, i thought I never would be able to find the words. I remember everything in detail like it was yesterday. That was the most spiritual event I had ever experienced.

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