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The "Outhouse"

The night began at Darren's house, where a dealer friend just arrived back from picking up a load of fresh fungis.

The night began at Darren's house, where a dealer friend just arrived back from picking up a load of fresh fungis. I was shocked to see how full this garbage bag actually was, and even more so when the dealer went from person to person generously offering everyone as much as they wanted. - I grabbed a handful, so did Darren. We slouched back on the couch, kept chatting while eating from our handful. " Seeing as this was my first time, I really did not know what to expect"!!. Every so often, we would look at our handful and just keep eating, not even close to knowing what might or even could happen.
We soon finished our collection and it seemed the mass consensus was to head to the bar. About 7 of us hopped in
this little truck along with the dealer, whom asked us how many mushrooms we had left. To which we replied...none... Why?? He just looked at us both, somewhat shocked and turned around. I knew right there and then we went a little too far! A strange uncomfortableness began in the truck. Once we got into the bar something was telling me to leave. A vulcano was about to erupt inside of me. I stayed as long as I could looking around at the neatly stapled T-shirts on the wall along with all the other strategically placed tacky decor - which one of my friends called me over just to point out. It wasn't 25 minutes from the time I consume the magic,I left the damn bar..actually ran out.
I could feel something so powerful coming on I just knew I needed a place to sit, ly, scream, laugh.... speed walking as to not look like a crazy, looking behind trees, shrubs then finally jogging, praying I could find something quick.
There it appeared out of nowhere. A portable outhouse, sitting there on a side street in the dark all alone. I quickly entered " without knocking", slammed the door and locked it behind me. I sat down and knew I was finally safe. I truly thought I was going to loose my mind, die
in this shitter and no one would find me til monday morning. These incredible tingling energy surges started at my feet and rose slowly up through my spine and out through my head. I felt as though i was floating.
" I am fairly reasonable person "normally". what was happening to me at this point was incredibly frightening.
I felt as though my mind was fighting to stay sane. It came to a point that If I kept fighting this I would have gone insane. I finally talked myself into letting go, somewhat giving up. Once I did this, the universe opened it's arms to me. I laid back against the inside wall at which point I could instantly feel a distinct seperation from reality, fear had left and I could no longer distinguish any seperateness, it just was. The part of me that was fighting this left the potty. There appeared a face, an old glowing man floating on my left, which I sensed a good spirit, one I felt i knew. He brought me
through my life bit by bit, shining light on all the negative memories, to the point of making me feel so incredibly alive I was laughing my ass off. Story after story, Divulging information I didn't even know about my family and of the mask I (we) wear to protect ourselves, giving me the opportunity to see myself from a distance. The healing was massive, The negative energy leaving my body was sickening. I left the potty around 4 hours later, once I felt I could safely find my way home. This happened about 4 years ago, I have never experienced anything like it since. I truly would love to repeat this night, however, unsure as to how much mushrooms i would have to eat, at least a handful!?- which is kinda crazy! My experience was beyond words, the story does not do it justice. Mushrooms are a very powerful substance, treat them with respect and they will show you what they are
capable of... and more. My friends from that night have there own stories which are pretty funny. One stood in the bathroom stall at the bar holding onto the walls yelling for hours.
I've got a bag in my drawer... waiting.....
P.S - sorry so long!

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