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The World's Truth

OK, before I get started let me explain to you that my perception of the world was not always this negative.

OK, before I get started let me explain to you that my perception of the world was not always this negative. In fact I used to be a very positive and optimistic person,...
untill I decided to depart from my everyday routine and embark on a journey to a reality so incredably real it's scary. Can you handle the truth?

It all began at around 3:30 on a friday afternoon. I had just gotten 1/2 eighth of golden caps and quickly munched 'em down, not even giving them a secound thought. It took about an hour for the first visual to come on but once I was there there was no turning back. By the time me and my friends(all sober) had finally reached our destination I was beyond the level of thinking, I just knew. The room was continuously changing, as if I was constantly changing my perception of the room I was in as if to look through the eyes of a million lost souls that I had never come in tangable contact with but in some way I was completely one with. Then I noticed something that at first seemed to be totally irrelevant. A Play Station II game of World Soccer was being played in the corner. This game completely represented "the game of life" to me. Now The words in the backround of the game were no longer insignificant murmers of static but the most ovious unherd messages in life. "Money", "Power", and "Success" echoed in the corners of my mind. But even then I was not fully aware of what it all ment or if it even ment anything. By this point I was slowly but surely comming down from my trip and decided that it was a good idea to flip on MTV. This was the moment of truth and I was not the least bit prepared. It only took about 5 seconds for me to answer all of the universes' countless number of questions. I unfortunately saw it all. The selfish, brutal, and immoral competition for POWER. It's so rediculous for us to even try to pretend we are above nature, we are nature. Humans are animals, we eat, we shit, we breathe, and the "Survival of the Fittest"
philosophy includes us too. It appears to me that if we don't start giving a fuck about where this world is headed and sincerly realize the actuality of existance then self destruction is just another turn around the block.

Don't get me wrong, compassion, selflessness, and true love are definitely worth the salvaging of Mankind. There just appears to be far too many people confused and frustrated with the ignorance of others to understand that they too are mearly pouring fuel on the fire. Not very many people know what life is really worth, they have just become too preocupied with materialism to conceve life as anything more than a struggle to the top. It's not about getting to the top and having what you want, it's about the journey there-and wanting what you've got. It's about the moment of eternity that you get caught up in and lose all sense of reality.

The truth is right here, see the light.

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