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The World Was A Bong

Ok me and my friend had taken 6 g's and where right messed.

Ok me and my friend had taken 6 g's and where right messed.
We where in my house watching t.v and some smurf curtins I had I head they trip ya out real good. I got up to get something to eat and i got that dizzy feeling you get and your vision darkens. I got my vision back but there where train tracks going through my house and a train on the so i got on this train and it took me to the fridge. I got off at the fridge and made some sandwiches but when i open the fridge back up the light bulb blew and right away i was suddenly standing in this pure dark room with a strobe light going on me like a spot light and the walls where like old castle windows but there where faces comeing out of them. These faces had fangs and blood all hanging off them and they where laughing at me suddenly boom i was on the train again and got off at the couch. I tried to explain what happend to my buddy but he just didnt understand what i was saying after about 2 hours later we where walking through the school field when i suddenly walked into a peice of glass (still dont know if it was there or not) but I looked around and i was in a bong the world was like an ordament you put in the bottom of a bong and when it was raining it was like god was filling up a water bong and i was in the bottom of it. I quickly started swimming as the bong filled with water which was really (rain) and then it filled with smoke whick was really (Fog)
and then a disstorted light from above almost like a flame of a lighter shining through glass you get that reflection look but that was really just a (rainbow) but after words when i was normal and could understand what people where saying I was soaked aparantly it rain and got foggy and a rainbow came out but in the middle of all that I jumped into the school pool and was swimming and yelling something about the bong water. and that about it

also I though about that song "Smoke On The Water" if ya think about that smoke on the water as in bong water and then fire in the sky as in the lighter lighting the bowl hehe pretty cool.. Smoke On The Water, Fire In The Sky

anyways keep on shroomin

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