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the world of the dead and living

Me and my buddy dennis ate 3.

Me and my buddy dennis ate 3.5 of compensy choice shrooms. 10 to 15 min, later we started to trip every thing seemed cool you know a good fry. then peoples faces started to strech get fuzzy and dennis's moms eyes started to glow a bright green from her blue eyes her lips streched
from ear to ear. that was tight as hell i thought then people started to show up and i keep telling them to leave because there faces were to fucked an i coundnt handle any more of that it started to get to intense so i just started to look at the ground then somebody openend the fridge the fridge had a red lite blaring out of it. then i went into the garage by that time we i started to smoke more and more cigarets then ieven more people showed up but it was cool they all were my friends so i didn't care so much but when they all came over it seemed like this was mine and dennises house and they all came over to hang out with us then we all took a seat and i pulled out about a dub of cronic and we all matched bowls by then iwas thing so hard i figured out life and every body looked like they were layered as if i had layered them all out. then it sounded like icould here evey ones thoughts and then somebody asked me a question and i had answered them in my head but coundnt talk to them every thing just came out werid and slured so after we smoked all of are weed we went inside every buddy else left and and went to a party but the me and dennis stayed home with 4 other friend they didnt freak me out that much.solater iwas walking to the kitchen and my friend sean was standing in the hall looking at me and i was like what he man are you feeling alright you look as if you were dead so i went in to the bathroom to look at my self and throw some water in my face.
as soon as I got to the bathroom i looked in the mirror and holy shit I really looked dead i mean just freshly killed over look to me it scared the hell out of me.then i went and sat on the couch for a while then bam all of a sudden three dead girls showed up just standing in the living room for maybe 5-10 seconds then my friend Tony came over to me and started to tell my options in hell but the werid thing istony wasnt there he was at the party with everyone else so igues it was satin talking to me.then igot up and went into the garage i felt like it was over.then dennis and Ed ,sean were in the garage and we were all talking about horrible shrooming trips that were all very simlialr were big shroomers but then i looked up at the ceiling and time just stoped i mean it literally stoped. then ilooked back down and every body but dennis left but dennis's arms and legs grew enclosed into his body his body then became vibrating very fast looked very insane and he was talking but it was to werid to under stand at that point igot up and left to the kitchen i was in a dead state to were i was losing reality really quick and my life it felt like i started to contenplate in calling my mom saying"good bye i love you im sorry" i thought about that every minute till i quit frying then iwent into the garage and layed on the mattres to try to fall a sleep but the cumputer in the garge had a screen saver going and i had shut my eyes but i stareted to think abiut a billion thing at the same time then i opend my eyes and the dark garage became a giant screen saver just like on the cumputer the freezer had some type of bright yellow light bye it ,it was like it was hovering there then i srated to here classical music but not the sweet sothing stuff the toccata and fuge in d minor by bach then after i got up from the bed and decied i would go lay on the caouch and watch FAMILY GUY with dennis we started to talk and slowly i felt like iwas finally coming down thank god i thought so then later i relized i had a total minefuck but one mean trip most of all .

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