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I'd like suggestions

Hey all.

Hey all. I tripped my first time February of 2000. I have read MANY MANY good trip reports from this site, and so I was very excited about tripping for the first time. Before this, I began smoking weed in the end of October, 1999. I love the "weirdness" everything had while stoned, but I am always unable to hold a decent converstation. I'm not a very shy person, but every time I go to open my mouth, its painful.

Anyway, I have read lots of reports about people getting very talkative while tripping. I was with 4 good friends, some of which had tried shrooms, some had not. That night, and to this day, I feel like two of them don't really want to be my friend (but I really enjoy hanging out with them). They don't really act like it, but I get that impression.

We were at one such friends house, sitting at his kitchen table. It was almost ceremonial when we sat down at the table. We ate the shrooms, and waited for the effects to kick in. It struck us almost all at once. For the first hour or so, I was so incredibly happy. I just kept getting higher and higher, not weed higher, but emotionally and in other ways I can't explain.

People were talking, but I wasn't really interested. I felt really bad, but I was skyrocketing upwards, and they were all really mellow. So I decided I wanted to go downstairs and throw on some Dragonball Z. I don't really know why, but I just felt like watching it. This show is a huge part of our stoned afternoons, but no one else wanted to go. This is where I made a HUGE mistake. I went downstairs, (I was the only one), and I completely forgot to put the tape in. It was really, really dark, and I felt alone. From that time until I was crashing, I felt awful. I layed on the couch for maybe an hour, just tripping hardcore, and while it was not a "bad-trip", I can say there was nothing good about it.

I finally went back upstairs when one of my best friends grabbed me and forced me to join everyone else. I can't believe how much he persisted, and I am very thankful he did. Anyway, back upstairs with the others, one person was very talkative. He tried to pull me into the conversation a couple times, but it was really tough for me to understand what he was saying. When I tried to respond, the words jumbled in my head, which really irritated me.

When we were finally coming down a bit, I started to enjoy myself more. Me, and two others went back downstairs to find something to do. We all had glasses of water, and one guy spilled it all over the carpet. We all layed down on the floor, and played with the puddles of water. So much happened, but its tough to remember it all. We then crashed, this was about 5 in the morning.

I guess what I'm looking for are suggestions on how to stay in a more positive mind. I LOVED the hallucinations and stuff, but I hated when my emotions crashed. Throughout the night, my emotions were like a roller-coaster, and I said I would never trip again because of it. If anyone knows any tricks on how to reverse the bad shit I went through, I'd love anyone to email me. I was very tired before we tripped, and maybe that was it. Email me at shroom_help@yahoo.com THANKS ANYONE WHO READ THIS FAR!

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