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the word

i've posted numerous trip reports here about a year and a half ago and soon began to realize that each trip report reads the same.

i've posted numerous trip reports here about a year and a half ago and soon began to realize that each trip report reads the same.i take the the shrooms i trip and when i hit the peak i get a fleeting glimpse of eternity then i come down.brothers and sisters i neglected to see that these so called mushrooms are truly a sacrament from a higher power.there are many forms of this sacrament and if we take time to classify them all we would only be confused,and confusion is the work of evil.i am almost 100% sure that no one wants to got thru a trip being confused all throughout.yes so we were naieve once but most of us here writing have already been awakened or are slowly reaping the seeds they have sown.instead of writing today about how much i took or how much the dazzling fascination rattled me or how the evil wall of deception and illusion held me or how my stupidity made a fool of me or how aliens or earthly vessles amazed me,speaking of aliens i once thought our political system were run by aliens(wrong i was)theyare but fools.time for a spiritual essence i had and am still having even now without the sacrament.i am postin a level 5 because when a person like myself has reached that afterglow our glorious father has bestowed on us,then he or she will know that no matter how much of the sacrament you take it will only lead us to that path to infinity.so i will begin(if you think its cheesy great at least ng,if you like it e-mail me i will leave it at the end of this report.)this is called the PSALMS OF A SINNER:For those of you who live life,life is good and good is GOD.Creation is love,one that is warm to touch in ever brilliant illumination.The source is a Higher Power.Not one of grotesqueness rather of the relative familiarity.HIS signature is everywhere.Look upon the faces of your fellow folk.there you will see with eyes into another.Look deeperand there always there,in the eyes are the reflection of that glow.That my brothers and sisters is the unityof our loving FATHER and his instrument for our fate,our HOLY SPIRIT.Become at one with your flesh.Fear not for his creations is your being and his creation IS GOOD.Feel the tingle as you touch your skin.Sensations.Sensations.Believemy dear brothers and sisters,our glorious FATHER's touch is truly perfection. There is a path a stairway if you will,into a realm,a kingdom of destiny.We stumble with our selfishness time and time again searching,searching.Until a moment of truth lifts us.That truth is HIS word,and his word is Revelation.Many people speak of Love,yet pass a stranger without a smile.Guilty we are all of us,but i write now to share,for my selfishness has cost me time.I share not to raise guilt,rather to give,to give. Thump,thump,our hearts beat like rythm to our emotions.Feelings are strength.love makes our hearts beat wild.What power our FATHER has with HIS love to create.A heart burning with a passion.IS it possible for us to reciprocate that love???Indeed our heartbeats are the footsteps of our soul. Dear brothers and sisters take the sacrament whatever you chose but remember one thing look past the day glo colors and fractals if look deep within you will find that love eternal LOVE,and in that you will find and solve the mystery of GOD.my e-mail adress is Qbert32361@aol.com peace and love to you all:)

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