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The Waking Nightmare, LEVEL 5 NO DRUGS USED

I guess you could call it an ordinary nap-time sleep.

I guess you could call it an ordinary nap-time sleep. I went to bed with a clear mind. Nothing horrible had happened recently. I am always having some small problems in my life, but at the time this particular event took place nothing special was going on. I went to bed around 5p.m. because I was exhausted for some completely unknown reason. Sometimes I just need a nap and other times I stay up till 4a.m. purely because of insomnia. During my nap I had several dreams as usual. I almost never get them one at a time. However the final dream is the only one that I can remember at all. The others are like blank tablets that I only know exist. My final dream was extremely weird to say the least.

All of my dreams are completely out of this world. Once I had a dream where I was sitting at school, and decided to cut off this girls hair. I did it very quickly with one smooth cut from some scissors. Then I proceeded out of class and into the pay phone laden hallways of my school. These phones were on the walls, floor, and ceiling. I had a hard time running around them without stopping. I also kept punching a bunch of black people that I knew in real life. In the dream they were only 2 feet tall and I found it easy to dispose of them. I ran all the way from the classroom to the bus circle and was greeted by a crowd cheering me on for some effort I didn't know I was doing. I decided what better time to rub one off (masturbate). I pulled out of my shorts what could only be described as a 3 foot monster cock. I couldn't believe it. What made this even more weird was that everybody just kept cheering me on. "Go go go go !". So I went. I went into a 5 gallon bucket and filled it quite a ways towards the top. I decided to investigate my man jam and was greeted by the smell of the ocean. Then it was over, and I woke up to a pathetic world.

I would say that this dream was equally disturbing. It started out simply. I was playing a game where you got these cars that ran amok. It was very similar to carmageddon. This game, however, had one key difference. You had to use this special "power-up" paint to get weapons and other useful items on your car. You didn't get any guns to attach, but instead only some special paint to brush on. When you were done brushing it on you ended up with weapons attached. It was glue, but more like some sort of mystical substance that would materialize things from thin air. I soon found out that you could only paint on the outside cage of your car. The network of metal bars surrounding the car was the only part that could support the paint. When I put some paint on the body of the car itself I saw my friend Andy walk into the room (outside the game). Then I heard this screeching, screaming type of sound that was very loud. Andy turned into a mirror that only showed black and white images and then he (the mirror at this point) cracked down the middle and exploded.

I am confessing my guilt that I kept playing the game. It was just a lot of fun. I eventually got new parts added to my car. A big metal\wood crossbow would have to have been the coolest. But then I did something very stupid. I painted the fucking car itself, again. This time it was an accident though. Suddenly Andy came back and did his whole mirror smashing thing. Then I heard the screeching noise once more when Andy was gone. I didn't realize it but I had turned into a mirror. I realized it thought he second I felt my face crack down the center. This is where my waking nightmare, and the actual trip, really began.

I could physically feel my face making an expression like it was cracked. My lower left jar was sort of stretched out Sylvester Stallone style, and my right eyebrow was raised. Every other muscle in my face was just fighting it's corresponding opposite making for a very tense expression. This actually happened when my eyes were still closed and I had just woken up. I was still feeling as if I was in the dream, but I really made this expression. Then I heard the mirror crack and felt my expression go down. When my faced relaxed it made me feel like I had fallen apart.

Then I opened my eyes slowly. My head was under my blanket and there was only a tiny bit of light coming in that I could use to see with. My pillow is white and everything else on my bed is green. All I saw was a blurry white image with small shadows making it look like separate piece. Everything else around me was black. I felt as if I was in some sort of void. I thought I might really be dead. I forgot how to move. I sat there completely entranced by what was being shown to me for a good ten seconds. I had tripped, while conscious, with no drugs. I was the mirror. I shattered. I now no longer exists and can only see my former self through the single window in this endless, hopeless void. It was all because I made one careless stroke with some paint. I cannot stress enough the fact that I was completely aware of my fully conscious state. I really thought that what I saw before my awoken eyes was all that I had left. It seemed like forever before I pulled the blanket off myself a little ways. It may have only been ten seconds, but that was the ten longest seconds I think I've ever had.

If that isn't ten seconds at level 5 then please tell me what is? It may have only been ten seconds, but it left a serious mark on me. For the following two hours I found it hard to believe everything around me was really there. I had experienced complete loss of self identity and suffered a total loss of reality. It was brief, but the memory will definitely last a lifetime.

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