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The Undead Shaman

I had my buddy Jeremy over, and it was about 8:00.

I had my buddy Jeremy over, and it was about 8:00. We dropped 6.5 grams of very potent psilosybin mushrooms at that time... and were feeling the onset within about 5-8 minutes. I had the feeling of anticipation, as my stomach was becoming tight... an uplifting tingling sensation on my chest. I became lightheaded... and we began to watch a David Lynch movie. After about an hour, Jeremy was stumbling around my room in a dark haze groaning about something... I need... "???"...

Just about falling over... I hold my head up straight in my hands... I drop my glasses. I see only black and blood red... crisp. Things began getting a little purple, when my vision and conciousness was split into three. My left side had no feeling, but I could see and somehow precieve it was there. It had no bloodflow... no vital signs... it was like an extra mind... that was dead. I felt I had no pulse... heart problems... Oh god. The top right of my split vision saw only Jeremy and the celing light... dimmed, dark, and melting away rapidly. My room was black, as I kept calling to Jeremy... "I'm dead..."

I stand up... he smiles.
"Standing won't save me Jeremy..." His heart sank, in this vorpal, dark room.

I felt hollow... I had no spirit. Nothing. I reached out at Jeremy to tear into his flesh with my teeth.


He is my brother.
He stands next to the white computer, a white t-shirt and rightous aura. I lay in my dark reality, with my black tv. The two worlds collide and pick up energy from eachother in a conflicting tornado of good and evil.

He wants to go. I strap on my boots, and we make it out of my building... I'm still well at my peak. We walk for about half an hour talking about theory and rhetoric regarding time, space and sentient life. At this point, I see the limits of society. Boring bullshit music. Ignorant, selfish people. I scream at the top of my lungs. "It is the INSIDEOUS DESIGN" Roaring to the traffic. I preach my words, I condemn society. I preach my unholy hex.
I am dead serious about this... that night there was a hurricane with winds over 100kmph. The furious storm began and I was caught outside, watching mighty torrents and wind whipping white water wildly, out of control. It was utter chaos, and I was preaching the word of doom. I was the undead shaman.

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