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The Ultimate Trip

I have had shrooms a few times before and this time i wanted to send a report of it becoz it was such a good trip.

I have had shrooms a few times before and this time i wanted to send a report of it becoz it was such a good trip.i got around 15grams of shrooms from a freind at school and i got some bud to have with my shrooms.my parents were out of town for the whole week so i was goin to have the shrooms saturday night on my own.when saturday night came it was raining and there was goin to be a storm so i decided to stay inside and have my shrooms.the way i ate the shrooms was i put them on a pizza that i had for dinner. i put all of the shrooms on the pizza and ate it all it was only a small pizza. after i ate the pizza i went outside and had some bongs. It was about 8:00pm around 45 mins after i had ate the shrooms. i was still outside and i lit up a cigarette. About a min later i was smoking my cigarette and i was looking at the smoke and then the smoke started swirling around in a circle and it looked very trippy. i went back inside and sat down and watched tv i cant rely remember what i was watching. i was very stonned and i wasnt feeling the shrooms. i started to stare at the tv for about 15 mins and then the tv screen just started melting and dripping onto the floor, but it looked so real. the tv had 4 small legs for it to stand on. i was looking at it and the tv walked out of the room and i was just sitting there watching it, i couldnt even move and go look where it went i just sat there looking at the door that the tv went out. BEcoz i was so stonned i needed a drink so i went into the kitchen and opend the fridge then picked up the bottle of water and opend it. i spilt a bit of water and i watched it fall to the floor, and it turned into ice in shape of a mushroom.by this time it was about 10:00pm i couldnt belive that 2 hours had gone without even noticing it. i needed another cigarette so i went outside to have one. I got outside and lit my lighter i saw the flame grow biger until it got to about 20cms tall and it was changing colours.i finished my cigarete and went back in and sat down to watch tv, but it wasnt there i remembered i saw it walk out the door but i thought it would of come back but i couldnt see it.i was starting to get scared but then i just poped into a happy mood. i really wanted to watch tv becoz i liked looking at it melt. so i set out on a mission to find my tv. i walked around my house and then i heard a laugh and i saw the tv run out of my brothers bedroom. i ran down there and i saw the tv sitting in the lounge room. and it looked normal i didnt know what was goin on.the time was about 11:00pm and i was definatly on level 5.i rememberd the storm, i looked out the window and saw a big flash of lighting i looked right at it and all i could see was a bright light for about 5 mins and then i saw nothing, and then BANG!! i heard a big bang of thunder and it sounded like a big echo.i was sitting down and then my dog walked past my feet, i called its name and it looked at me i looked at my dogs head and it looked like a beast but i had a small dog so it was kind of a small beast dog thing. my dog barked and it scared the shit outa me, i jumped up nad then back into my chair and my dog ran away, i landed on the chair and then bounced right up and i was floating in the air. i looked down and i saw my body sitting in the chair. i lifted my arm up and i fell right down into my body but when i fell it felt like i was falling off a mountain. after i fell i was very tired i looked at the clock but i couldnt work out where the hands on the clock was, they kept moving from one number to another number, it pissed me off and i ran upto it but tripped on the coofee table, i fell with my arm outin front of me and my arm fell staright through the carpet and i fell into a maze. the maze was very big and it looked like my house but all the walls had numbers moving around on them. i was walking around the maze and i saw a big box so i sat onit.i smoked a bong while i was sitting on the box and i had no idea where the bong and weed had came from. i fell asleep.when i woke up it was 10:00am the next morning and i was lying in my bed. the box in the maze must of been my bed. and i saw a bong and a few buds sitting on the floor next to me, i must of smoked a bong in my room.this trip was a very wierd and fun trip and it felt like it lasted for a few days but it was only bout 12 hours.

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