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I was eating dirt

Well, took my first trip on psilocybin last night and it was WAY different then I had expected.

Well, took my first trip on psilocybin last night and it was WAY different then I had expected. I thought it would be like acid, everything melting and lots of hallucinations. We went camping and made tea. I didn't drink too much, a half mushroom of strong brew. Within three minutes I started to feel giddy.

Well, the next thing I knew my honey and I were riding bikes, when it hit me hard, the other people who were camping were fucking ridiculous. They had driven from LA to stand amongst wood, and I couldn't imagine what they were doing. Were they eating, talking. I couldn't stop laughing about how boring they were. I shouted that I felt like I was in the painting American Gothic. Then I felt dissociated, and said: We must return to our campsite. So we went back. At this point absolutely everything felt intensely ludicrous, and I started laughing like a maniac uncontrollably. I don't think I let up for two hours straight. It felt like the world was intensely normal, and I was in on some enormous joke. Everything I did was hilarious. Including looking for soda in the cooler. Some people walked by and I began biting my boyfriends pant leg so I wouldn't leap at them laughing. I was shouting.

I mainly lost all impulse control. It felt like nitrous oxide and being very drunk, except that my physical senses became extremely heightened. Things I had never desired became tantalizing. The forest floor looked soft, wonderful, powdery, and I realized it was quite edible. At first I tried to resist tasting it, so I just rubbed my hand on the ground. Then I started applying it to my face. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even stand up. Suddenly I began to eat the dirt out of my hand, and my boyfriend was cackling, screaming I would get ringworm. I didn't care. It was absolutely delicious. Then I started to eat everything in sight. I ate half a box of Cheez-its, sucking each one until it became mush in my mouth, saying, "why didn't I ever think of eating these things like this before???" Wondering, why hadn't I tasted the world? My boyfriend claimed he saw Gene Simmons in our campfire, and actually got a stick, trying to point out the outline of his hair. I was too busy eating to care. Then I discovered the peanuts, and ate half a can, wonderful crunchy nutty bodies. It was visceral. Very very sensory. My skin felt like it had twice as many nerves as usual. But some things tasted gross, like milano cookies and chips, and lemon snapple. I was exploring my navel with great erotic depth.

Also, as soon as the mushrooms hit, they made me drool intensely, and I was overly aware of the back of my throat vibrating as I spoke. This too was funny. Plus, I was spittin every twelve seconds. The closest I got to a hallucination was my boyfriend's mouth looked a little oddly shaped, as if his lips were retracting. I saw the night sky flashing. And at moments, shadows looked like humans approaching us in the dark. Basically life was a hilarious spectacle. Also, I kept thinking one of our fire logs was an elephant leg. It lasted four hours, and was intensely fun. I lost all inhibitions, regressed to a child state, laughed till I hurt, for no real reason, free associated wildly, and felt my senses heighten, especially taste and touch. Nothing melted, proportions shifted slightly. Time was distorted. I'd do it again. Next time I will take more. The come down was really easy too, I just got a little sentimental. I also didn't get nauseous, tea tasted fine with a bag of peppermint in it.

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