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The Spriit of Nature

A few friends and myself were planning on heading to the beach at night with some boomers and experiencing what I call a realization.

A few friends and myself were planning on heading to the beach at night with some boomers and experiencing what I call a realization. For a couple of them, it was going to be their first time devouring hallucinogenic mushrooms, so we needed a chill place to be, with only ourselves accompanying ourselves. But unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. Some had work, others had been drinking and smoking the entire day. So we sat in our dorm room instead and each ate about half an 8th. I, on the other hand, decided to eat my whole 8th. As we were listening to music and just relaxing, our body highs kicked in. But then everybody had their own agenda; some wanted food, another went to a play. So I decided to go on my own path.
I left the room and headed towards the top of our campus, which is called Mount Fiji, overlooking the entire LA basin. I reached the top just as my trip began and stared in awe as people in their cars moved about, some in a rush and others relaxed with not a care in the world. The lights, the sirens, and the shouts all echoed through the synapses of my brain, opening pathways to creations that have been dormant. I began to see the world as it was before the residing of man, trees and foliage enveloped the hillsides. A smog-free jetstream stretched across the sky bringing crisp winds from distant lands with foreign species. I then fast-forwarded to the first discovery of this land, the first Native Americans then the first ship to set their eyes upon this breath-taking region; the clean-ness and shear beauty that was and never will be again. This path of thought and transformation lasted about 45 minutes as I gazed upon the developed land of southern California.
After this, I hiked back down, stopping at different plants and trees, allowing them to see what I saw with a simple touch. I continued down towards my friend's dorm where they were just chillin, listening to music and pondering why they werent "seeing" anything. I sold them another eighth and wished them luck as I left with a different plan.
While on Mt. Fiji I realized I needed to get off campus, so I packed up my '78 VW bus and headed towards San Diego. I layered myself with my aviators to protect my eyes from the tail-lights and head-lights of city trafic and put on some Grateful Dead live from the UK. At this point my trip was still at its peak. I must say the drive was almost the greatest part of the whole evening. Listening to Jerry Gracia and driving in my bus put me in the era I belong in, the wonderfully free-spirited '70s. I visualized myself at the concert, dancing and singing, and then I was on stage right next to the band, playing along side and watching how much happiness I was bringing everyone.
At about 1 a.m. I reached San Onofre State Beach and decided to take the long walk out to the vast ocean. It was a new moon, so the path towards the beach was entirely darkened. I reached the beach and sat down to smoke a few bowls and listen to the sound of nature. Her crashing waves brought a sense of peace. That evening I learned a lot about myself, who I was and what I was about on this planet. I give all my thanks to those magical mushrooms in which I love.
The next morning I woke up in my bus, grabbed my board, and had a great surf session at one of the greatest waves known in SoCal; Treatles.

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