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The Soul

It was my first time doing shrooms.

It was my first time doing shrooms. My friend had a huge bag because he was a dealer. He said that he would do a quarter if I would. So I agreed. I ate them back and he laughed. He said that they were the most prime shrooms he had ever had. I didn't think much of it, so I took some tokes from the bong and chilled out for a while.
About an hour later, my body completley lost control. I don't even know what the hell was goin on. I ran out of the room because the video games were attacking me. I was pretty scared because it was my first time doing shrooms and I was shaking so badly. I had seen people do them all the time and this never happened. So I went back upstairs and sat down. Two seconds later, the shaking stopped and I was fucked. It just hit me all of a sudden. After that I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but when I closed my eyes I could still see the room!
So I got confused about when my eyes were open or closed. It was just so wierd. I thought about it, then I decided to try walking around when my eyes were closed. I built up the energy then got up.
It felt like my soul just left my body but I could feel both my body and soul at once. Still with my eyes closed, I kept walking...down the stairs around the corner. I got scared and opened my eyes. All of a sudden I could feel my soul being pulled back into my body. It made it into the room then bang! It nailed me. I could feel it inside me floating around I was so freaked out that I passed out.

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