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The sky, the clouds, and the mountain

Today I woke up at about 9:30 a.

Today I woke up at about 9:30 a.m. and decided I was going to try a solo trip. This would be my 5th trip. I ate about 3 stems and a cap at about 9:45 a.m out of the 5/8ths that I recently bought, then smoked about 1/2 a bowl at 10:00. As soon as I took a few hits I could notice the door expanding slightly. I had tripped the day before, which I heard diminishes the effects, but this trip was alot stronger.

I went into my room and waited for the trip to start. The trip started as I was looking out my window. The light coming through looked strange, and it seemed to form a box-like pattern through the screen. I played the Pink Floyd CD, Animals. The effect from the screen began to give the light patterns a 3D shape, and the boxes became blue and started to sway and melt. The color of the boxes soon changed the entire room that color. The walls changed back and forth from blue to red. I can't recall alot of what happened but I remember feeling detached from myself yet within myself, and as a part of the song came on I felt myself being sucked into a black tube within my chest. During this time I remember seeing my room completely blue, and my room would expland into a giant hall about 300 times its normal size.

A short time after, I snapped out of that trance and began to watch small black dots splatter all over my ceiling. The image made me laugh but I was very confused. After a bit of time my Ipod dock began to fly across the room towards me leaving a trail of smaller ipod docks behind it. At the same time I looked at my computer chair, which is completely black and sleek shaped, and the arms of the chair begain to turn into actual arms that flailed wildly at the joints. This image was unsettling but not scary.

I did a bit of sketching and flipped through my sketch book. My art began to come to life and walk and talk. All the lines of ink glowed and I followed the lines which pretty much drew my pictures for me. I ended up just drawing a bunch of tubes and circles which turned out to look like some flamingo/worm creature.

After the CD ended I went downstairs into my living room and sat down on the couch and played with my dog. I watched a large plant melt and sway and soon everything began to melt. Soon 3d objects were flying around making paterns in the air, and in between these was a very small face just talking although I couldn't hear what he was saying.

After that I stood up to go back up to my room when I was stopped by the mirror. I looked at it for awhile until my own reflection started to scare me. It began to move even though I was not. I decided it was a good time to get back into my room. I finally got into my room, turned on my iPod, and put on The Wall. Initially the music scared me but soon it became very soothing and I fell deeper into my trip.

I laid on my bed with my blanket over me. My legs were open and my feet were a slight distance apart. I laid on my side and began to stare at the floor. Suddenly all my clothing had turned into colorful cute looking clouds and they began to sing to me, which I found hilarious. Then I looked at my floor and once again my entire room was blue and I was floating through the sky. I looked down at my feet covered in my white blanket, which then turned into a small frost covered mountain valley. In the middle of it was a small river that flowed from end to end, and on the edge were tiny workers plowing and take care of the ground. I felt like God watching over my people and I felt proud and joyful about how beautiful my world was.

I looked over at my hand and saw all the blood flowing through my veins and my bones glowing and in between all my joints were light red flames burning and melting. The most amazing feeling was being able to witness this all at the same time. I felt such an open and beautiful perspective.

Soon after that a strong light began shining from the mountain valley so brightly that I was forced to look away. A cold feeling fell over me and I began to turn to stone. My entire cloud turned to stone, and an arm appeared over my shoulder laying over my body. I was not scared but comforted and I felt protected.

After that I started to come down and I could feel myself coming back to reality. I watched my room sway around in ridiculous proportions and felt tired and unimpressed. Althought the motions were still intense, it was nothing in comparison to watching over my mountain valley.

I ate a bowl of cereal around 2:00 p.m. and have been thinking about the trip ever since. In review I'm extremely glad I took this trip and am looking foward to push this even farther then I did today.

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