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The Shape of the Universe

I small diagram began to sketch itself out of thin air.

I small diagram began to sketch itself out of thin air. Everything was pitch black, save the sketch of a bold floresent blue colour. I would love to explain this sketch to you, but it would take forever and is partly impossible. I'll just say that this shape had both scientific and spiritual meaning. It made the "Bohr Diagram" obsolete. Mathematical equations in bold lettering scrolled their way across my line of site. It all made sense some how, the equations with porabolas and mass calculation explained all of it clearly. All theories like the "Big Bang" theory was spawned from this shape. After all the math/scientific stuff had past through, the sketch began to shine a gold colour and its spiritual meaning was shown to me. Again i would love to explain it but without being able to show you the shape, it's impossible. A whole story was laid out, I guess you could say it was like a bible (only it had nothing to do with the one we know). I just wish I had written some of this shit down because seriously, it all made sense.
-Geoff aka Beef

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