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the scariest trip

Ok im in Las Vegas and me and my cus decided to split a 7g sack (i had 4 shrooms earlier that day).

Ok im in Las Vegas and me and my cus decided to split a 7g sack (i had 4 shrooms earlier that day).We were staying at the Sahara and the mushies began to kick in.(my sister was also with us)I started seeing stripes on the wall and my cus was just staring into space. I asked him how he felt since it was the first time he ever shroomed. He didnt reply. So all the sudden i felt the shrooms really kickin in so i decided to watch tv. Me and my sis were laughing histaricly at a infomercial that was totally unfunny. All the sudden my sister started turning into a monster. I flipped out and started screaming and crying. I felt like i would die so i hid under the covers.So i look at my cousin and i feel the urge to kill him strangly enough. I got up about to grab a object to plunge into him and i decided wat the fuck am I doing so i went to the batroom and threw up for a half hour.Then my sister and i started talking bout just some ordiary shit and i start histerically crying and she says "ahh poor baby does he want his mommy".Her grin was so evil the markings on her face morphed so she appeared to look like a skeleton and i just kept crying. Then she said she never really cared bout me and that i was an ignorant lil bitch. I went to the bathroom and blinded myself by the light that was so light. I began puking bile and stared into the toilet for what seems like a few houurs. THe puke began to morph into skinless humans laughing and saying "ahh poor lil baby DOES HE WANT TO DIE!!!" I screamed and layed in bed for the rest of the night watching the walls morph into demons and disguisting monsters. I woke up to consiouness a few hours later and was finally coming down. I looked at my sister and she appeared to turn around and look at me with her skeleton face and a awaful,awful grin. I fell asleep and dreamnt i was deaad and peopple were just walking past my lifless body. I looked mutilated. I woke and was totally down and slept the rest of the day.
Thank you for listening to my story

I advise all shroomers to always shroom in a safe surronding with good people with at least one sober person

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