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The room is breathing! 3day trip

Me, e and r walked almost 50 minutes just to pick up r mushies.

Me, e and r walked almost 50 minutes just to pick up r mushies...R was already trippin on a g!! we finally got to our destination and grabbed my 14 grams...mmm yummy i thought!!! we chilled at a near by park, and chewed our shroomies... i had 6-7 grams ( i guess) R had 3 more and E had 9.... I sat on a bench beside E and chewed my shrooms straight outta the baggy like a bag of chips...chompin away, shrooms alwasy taste like cardboard to me...We must have chewed 4 atleast 30 minutes... I sat with e and waited impatiently 4 the mushies to kik in...considering the fact that im only about 107 lbs shrooms tend to hit me pretty damn fast. so about 20 minutes l8er i start feeling all giddy, and excited. Seeing small visual patterns in the ground. Then it finally hit me...30 min exact.Blood rushing through my veins, vision distortion, confussion....I thought "oh fuck" here we go!......i walked up to e and told him that i didnt feel right...At this point i felt like i wuz going to puke all the mushrooms out..but e kept reminding me that if i did so i wouldnt trip, and i really wanted to trip out. E was still chewin his mushies at this point, it usually took a really long time 4 mushies to hit him."i need to sit" i sat," no i need to stand" so i stood up...i must have done that atleast 15 times in a row, b-4 e told me to sit down and smoke sum weed.. He said it would make me feel better.. so i agreed.. although deep down i knew it would only fuck me up even more then i already wuz...i felt so confussed and indecisive... i couldnt make up my mind at all..but i really didnt even know wut the fuck my mind was even thinking!!!:s...i smoked sum weed but hadta stop because by this point i started to feel real messed up...my vision totally distorted. The sky seemed sumwhat brighter, and strange like nuthin ne one could even imagine, nuthin i can even explain.,, R was trippin out too i could see his big smile..We decided our adventures at the park were over, and thought it be best to leave, and start our journey..But as soon as i stood up, at the back of my head i felt the worse feeling ive ever felt in my whole intire life, it was so unbelievably disturbing i felt violated.. The feeling of liquid blood flowing down the back of my skull.!!! it made me feel light headed and as if i was going to pass out and die at that very moment... The feeling would come and go every 2-3 minutes...It was alarming...so i grabbed e's hand and told him wut was happening to me..he said it was because i was very small and i just chewed a shit load of shrooms! So we walked on down the street...I started howling 4 no reason..i couldnt stop the laughter...e kept saying that i was trippin and started laughing at me...I felt very fuckt up...everything was so oblivious to me except 4 E and R..My mind just kept telling me to stay with them. I demanded to see the hesdphones and grabbed them from R, but as soon as i put them on my ears i was unsatisfied, so i practically threw them back 2 R!!!...At this point my trip was stable at the same point it was when i started trippin...same vison,same feelin in my skull, same body energy.I felt as though i could walk and walk 4 ever!!!! As we were walking through a feild i told e that i was confussed...I told him that i knew wut i was doing and where i was walking but i couldnt understand how...how did my body function this way? it was peculliar to me! I was scared i would loose feeling in my legs again. I had done these musshies a week earlier to experiment but only with 1/2 a g,and i remember i lost feelin in my legs... But this time i was okay!....We made it to sum dude s's house...i wuznt 2 fond of s. so i kept trying to tell e and r to leave but neither of em would listen to me...E started cracking up like crazy, his trip finally started to kick in...R was trippin too...I kept pulling e but he wouldnt leave.. I started to go mental..so i sat down on a bench at another park..I looked around, and thought" oh fuck not another park" i could not be in the atmoshpere. my mind was killin me, i couldnt make any decisions, and i just kept wanting to do sumthin but i didnt know wut...I finally dragged e and r away from s's house, so we decided to go to rs house, so e and r could role sum smokes... We enetered r's house..e said he hadta go to the bathroom, so he went downstairs...me and r went to his chillin room...as soon as i eneterd his room my trip became even more intense..hittin me harder by every split second..The posters were wavering in his room, and patterns were moving everywhere...R looked at me and told me he could see things moving just like i could (it was the 1st time he ever visually hallucinated) r and i started howling 4 no reason, and r just couldnt stop...we paused and suddenly both our mouths dropped his whole entire room and i mean , walls, ceiling, garbage,floor, books..everything was BREATHING..it was insanity...i looked at my hands and realized that they were melting..not only was i on mush but my brain felt like mush!!!!me and r were sooo fuckt up..E joined us and told us of his own breathing object experience in the bathroom....We left rs house and started walking, not knowing wut the helll we were gonna do...we met up with A, who wanted to call on M...so we proceeded..i was so messed, when i would talk i made absolutely no sense, it was worse then Exctacy...! we walked to m's and i was so paranoid of the road...it drove (:p) me insaine....we obviusly crossed the road safely, and sat on sum curbs waiting 4 A to get M....My mind was twisting everywhere, and that feelin at the back of my head was more intense now then ever. I closed my eyes, and as i opened them a thousand lip glosses came flying at my face,,, I was sooo fuckt up...my brain was a crazy puzzle of thoughts.....We walked back to the ssecond park.. i looked down at a patch of grass it seemed 2 be breathing and shaping and turning all 3 d...so i thought to myself..this isnt really happenin, and i looked away.when i looked back i saw the exact same thing..i was like oh fuck this is happenin...i walked away. I remember i kept looking at my watcch thinkin it had been 30 min but really it had only been 30 seconds... it truly felt that way...slowly but surely the feelin at the back of my skull disappered and my distorted vision as well...i felt the strong emotions of shrooms filling in...i was now able to be calm and understand myself and my surroundings, but i felt so good inside as well as out and very very happy...this wuz wut i liked about mushies!!!my boyfriend e and i had a long emotional conversation....when i arrived home that night i cheweed more mushies and more again the next day.. i stopped one night when i almost died...i had cheweed so many in the last three days that i had lost my vision, balance, senses and hearing...i broke out into a showering sweat..luckily my boyfriend e was there to take care of me...he said my pupils grew so huge u couldnt even see the blue in my eyes....i havnt done shrooms since and its been already a year now...i plan on doing shrooms again sum time in the future...but next time not as many, and next time i'll be more prepared....goodluck everyone..stay safe when u chew!cD

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