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The rest of my life

It was my first time ever doing any kind of hallucinogen.

It was my first time ever doing any kind of hallucinogen. I had been wanting to do shrooms for a while, so I asked a friend to hook me up. He said he only had an eigth left but that would be plenty for me. Well, little did I know that when he finally did get me some, he REALLY hooked me up, he gave me somewhere around 10 grams. Here I'm thinking he only gave me enough for myself. So, here I am downing mushrooms, by myself I might add, when my roommate being the joker that he was told me I should do the whole bag. By then I was already feeling the effects and my judgement was impaired. I couldnt tell that he was joking, so, in my room i went, downing the rest. When i finally stomached them, someone came in and looked at the bag asking me if I ate the whole thing, telling me that i took way too much. Tell me that isnt the worst thing to do to someone? Well, about 45 minuites into the trip, i started seeing ghosts in the shadows of my room. I was cool about it at first, but then the world around me collapsed. I started seeing yellow and black spots in front of my face.

My roommates were playing poker and all of their change clanging on the table started to sound like hindu music with sitars and stuff. Somewhere after that, i forgot my name, who everyone else was, and I was off in lala land. Somehow time changes when you take that much, everything ceases to exist as you once knew it. As i can recall, the trip felt like 30 years in my head, and when i woke up the next morning, I wasn't the same person at all. AS the trip progressed, I went out onto my back balcony and looked up at the sky and all of the sudden it turned into this giant dome and it felt like i was inside of a giant glass bubble. I remember going into my room and laying down in the corner and my whole body melted in with the wall. My lights were turned off and all i could see was the blue indiglo display on my stereo. I saw just a blue indigo swirl mixed in with the white of my wall and all was gone...EVERYTHING. I think at some point I went into a dreamlike state, and I dreamt that i had died, and everyone had come to view my body, and all my family was there, including some dead members.

All I can say is that it was the best and the worst trip Ive ever had since Ive started, and I would not give it back for the world. I was a changed person the next morning, and I was happy to be alive, I cant beleive just how much shrooms changed my life.. for the better!

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