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I was a God

Me and a couple of friends (who, since I don't have permission to use their names will be reffered to as "X" and "Y") had been planning to do shrooms together at some point, it would be my first time, X and Y were both experienced shroomers.

Me and a couple of friends (who, since I don't have permission to use their names will be reffered to as "X" and "Y") had been planning to do shrooms together at some point, it would be my first time, X and Y were both experienced shroomers. Anyways, A day finaly came up on a weekend where the weather would be nice so we could go to te park. Once at the park we made a small hike to an isolated bench built around a tree with lots of trees around it, and there was a path that lead down to an open area where food, etc was sold. We each consumed about 2.5g's each and sat down at a bench waiting for them to kick in.

After about 40 minutes of waiting I began to feel slightly nausiouse, X and Y were starting to feel hungry (munchies after smoking, I didn't smoke anything) so we went and they got icecream. As we were walking down the path I began to notice that the dead leaves and pine needles on the ground were turning very pale purples and yellows. Then JUST as I looked out into the open area where all the people were, EVERYTHING just looked soo open with a blue tint to it.

At this point I was still coming up and feeling sick, and my mind was having problems adjusting to it and still tried to fight it every so often, and not let myself get too foccused on any hallucinations, etc. I soon began to feel incredibly cold.

As we started walking back to our bench in the forest, I started noticing that the dirt and patches of grass appeared VERY bright, and the pine needles and leaves on the ground appeared to be flashing purple and yellow as I walked over them. When we got back to the bench we sat for awhile, this is when any actualy hallucinations started happening, I had been starting at some leaves, when I started noticing that little black dots were crawling all over the ground, this didn't last long though, as it was still during the time I was feeling sick-ish.

After a half hour of sitting, my friend came by to pick up some books I had to give him, I gave him te books, and he sat down with us for a bit. As we were sitting I began to stare off into a pile of dead branches that formed the shape of a bull charging and thrashing around. I started to notice the nausia slipping away every so often. My friend decided that it was about time he left, so we went out for a walk again. As soon as we stepped into the sunlight, the warmness hit me and I suddenly felt warm, everything was happy, and I had seemed to achieve a child-like state of mind, everyone was happy, everything was happy, colours were bright, and the cement had a pretty blue tint to it. We walked my friend partialy to the exit of the park, which involved walking past a small zoo. As we were walking I was still in a happy child-like state, I wasn't acting on the way I was feeling or anything, but I was enjoying the feeling. X seemed a little down-ish, and Y was a little quiet.

After my friend left, we decided to walk back to the bench in the forest. Me and X got in a really deep conversation, trying to explain everything we were seeing and thinking. It was then that I began to feel as if we were almost like these imp-like creatures that everyone heard of but never saw, and everyone was amazed and priviledged to see us, and that we usualy spent all our days in our little tree hideout and appeared every so often to walk among other people.

Once back at the tree was sat around deciding what to do, X was clearly starting to go into a bad trip, and kept questioning everything, and seemed to feel that life was kinda pointless and that everything was pointless. We went for another walk up the zoo and back again, where I just kept getting more happy child-like thoughts and enjoying the colours and 2D painted like look to everything in the horizon.

During our little walk, we walked through a field full of people playing frisbee, walking their dog, etc. I felt INCREDIBLY active, as if every day was a huge adventure, and I really felt like playing frisbee, unfortunately that was one thing we didn't pack :(.

We got to a bench at the end of the field and sat down, I was staring at the bench and noticed these round shining ovals on top of the bench that I thought was water drops. They were glistening soo brightly, and I touched one and noticed it was sticking to my hand. I was soo amazed with how beautiful the light looked reflecting off it. I then realised it was sap, and went to wash my hand.

X was really seeming bummed out, and Y was also pretty quiet, so we decided to go sit in the shade for a bit. X started to get really anti-social, and Y was ammusing himself by drawing with some pencils I brought.

I tried talking to X for a bit to cheer him up, but soon found that he was dragging me into a bad trip, so I asked Y if he'd be alright to just keep an eye on X while I go off for a small walk, he agreed, and I headed off to the zoo.

At around this point I noticed that sounds were beoming much sharper, so I began listening to some music that I had packed. As I was walking down from the zoo, I began to get a feeling as if I had been God, and everyone with the exception of X and Y were merely empty human shells walking around incapable of actual thought, and that they had created the entire world for me. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. This feeling lasted throughout most of the trip.

Unfortunately X was still bringing me down a little, and I was finding my mood becoming very liquid, and changing due to the SLIGHTEST changes. I noticed the sun going down and felt depressed, some kids were playing in some trees, and I was the happiest person ever. I went back to talk to X and Y to see how they were doing. X was still stuck in a bad trip, so I talked him into coming for a walk with us to cange is environment a bit. So we took a walk, and eventualy X began laughing and we all started having fun, Y was becoming more talkative, and X was coming out of his bad trip. We sat on a tree next to a pond and started talking about whatever came to our mind. Until we got tired and decided to go back to find some water.

As we got back to the main place where all the food was, I had been hit with a sudden thought that I decided HAD to be written down, so I pulled out a piece of papper and a pen and began writting. Unfortunately I lost the slip of paper, but luckily remembered everything on it, and can still explain it with good detal.

The entire thing is about a page long, and explains that the reason that there will never be a perfect solution to all the questions of life, or why there will never be a "true" theory is because as the universe is expanding, it is changing, and in the time that it takes for all the nerves in our brain to give off signals to process a theory into a thought that we can comprehend in our heads (if that makes much sense, hard to explain) So much in the universe has changed and therefore that original theory is now outdated and flawed before it can be put into words to communicate it. I know that might be a little hard to understand. But imagine it like a Satellite. It's sending signals from Jupiter to earth with an 86 minute communication delay (since that's a far distance for the radio waves to travel). If the satellite sends a signal the it is approaching an obstacle, we will receive it 86 minutes late, and therefore the information sent in that signal is no longer accurate.

That explains the majority of the trip. Other than that it was just a little more walking around and making basic conversation until we decided to part our seperate ways and go home.

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