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The Real World Hits My World

First off before I even start this story, I want to tell you about my shroom experiences.

First off before I even start this story, I want to tell you about my shroom experiences. I have done shrooms 5 times before this trip. Each time I took 3.5 g dried mushrooms. Everytime I took mushrooms I had an AWESOME time and never was worried about any problems occuring. With that said, lets get into the story.

It started on a Friday night at an empyty house with me and my two freinds, Will and Willie. We each took 3.5 grams dried mushrooms and sat there waiting for the trip to start. When the trip started I felt the usual, high and somewhat uncomfortable upcomming. When we had all started tripping, we started walking around the house. I felt cold all the time, and my stomach hurt so I went upstairs to lay on the couch and trip there until I got warm. It took only 1 hour and I had lost sense of reality, and where I was. Outside I could see the sky changing colors and the walls getting bigger than smaller. The clock was spinning and everything just seemed to flow. My body felt like it wa twisted in all directions, like I wasnt even sitting normally. While all this was happening, my freinds came up having a great time. I was currently under blankets and curled up on the couch. Things werent too bad, just really messed up. then about 2 hours into the trip, my cell phone rings. I look at it, and its my freind chris. I answered and told him I coulndt talk. For some reason after I talked with him I started feeling really shitty. I beleive this was the real world getting into my phscyodelic experience, which was not a good mix. About 10 mins after my friend chris called, my mom called my cell. She was a mile away from me and knew where I was. This sent my trip downhill badly. THings got sooo warped out I thought I was in a desert. THen I thought my whole body was not attached right. Then my Mom calls my friends house and leaves a message. This just FREAKED me out. I lost sense of where I had gone, I didnt know what was going on, then all of a sudden it was like cold water getting thrown on me, and I woke up out of this trance and puked over my friends couch. It looked red since I had drinken livewire mountain dew, which made me believe it was blood. My freinds kept saying "Ken you alright, you need to go to the hospital??" These comments made it soo much worse. I was about 1 second awawy from asking for an ambulance. By this time I didnt know what to do, I just had to puke soo badly, but only some came up. It became painful, sounds hurt me. I got VERY angry at my freinds for things that they didnt do. We then proceeded to turning on a movie. It was a very trippy movie so it didnt help. In fact, the movie kept making me feel worse cause I thought there were too extreme parts for me. All I wanted to do was become normal again, I WANTED to watch commercials, just to see real life again. The movie played thro as I ached in pain the whole time. When the movie ended, I just stopped freaking out, and my body didnt hurt anymore. I felt good instantly. I apologized to my freinds for my behavior, which I knew was over the top. In the end, I think I learned a couple valuable lessons.One and most improtantly is to NEVER underestimate your brains thinking power. Your brain is powerful thing which can seriously take over faster than you know. And secondly is dont let the outside world get into a deep trip like this. If it does, you think too hard and you will hav ea hard time keeping the trip good. I hope everyone that has read this thinks carefully about their trips on shrooms, because it truly isnt a simple experience, but one that requires a great mind with great strength.

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