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The Predator

First of all this should not be attempted by first time users.

First of all this should not be attempted by first time users. This all happened about 6 years ago, I had never tried any drugs up to this point. My friend introduced me to his friend Steve, Steve was a dealer, we had a conversation about mushrooms and I decided I would like to try some. I purchased 7 grams of dried cubensis for $35, I was anxious to try them. Joe(my friend) drove us to his forest cabin, when we arrived i quickly ate all 7 grams while joe was in the bathroom.
When he came out of the bathroom he said "Ready to take some shrooms?", I told him I already had taken them all, he looked at me with a shocked expression. I said "What?", Joe
said "A normal dose is 3.5 grams you crazy bastard!", I nearly shit myself! "Oh well, this will be fun", I said, he nodded and ate his 5 grams, smoked a bowl, and sat on the couch.
About 15 minutes after ingesting the nasty tasting shrooms I began feeling "floaty", I laughed and said " Hey Joe, I'm floating!", he thought this was funny as well. All of the sudden the ceiling seemed to bubble and flow like water, it amazed me how solids could turn to liquid without warning. We decided to go outside for a smoke, cigarettes are good on shrooms, I was thinking. The air seemed to shimmer, red and green dots appeared and started to rotate. When i looked at the ground, it seemed to breathe! Joe had sat down and looked like he was going to be sick, I asked him what was wrong, he said "mild stomach upset", it passed in 10 minutes. I began to hear a strange effect when we spoke, a kind of echo but not hollow like a real echo. This made me laugh uncontrollably for about 5 minutes, Joe joined in the laughter. I then heard it, a low humming noise coming from all around me, I asked Joe if he heard it he said he heard children whispering in the woods. I looked at the trees, they seemed to be swaying, the bark started to move and flow downward, then formed into a face of an old man. He talked of the mushroom and the interconnected threads that were all life, I asked him questions and he responded in riddles.
That's when it happened, I looked toward the ground it seemed to dissolve and wisp away in the wind, the air and trees around me dissolved into the smallest form of matter and floated around. All of the sudden the matter rushed back in and collided creating a flash of light, leaving a colorless void behind. I walked into this viod leaving this physical plane, I seemed to be in an aztec tomb with glyphs on the wall that I could somehow read. Then I heard a voice, it was Joe! I looked around wildly and saw him sitting on the dirt, his words were not intelligible to me, I then sat on the ground next to him and watched the walls speak and breathe.
I looked at my hands, they were not hands at all, they were claws! I looked around and everything looked like I was looking through the Predator's infrared mask, I realized this and began running. The next thing I knew Joe was talking to me and i was no longer the Predator, the humming noise was still there but the sun had gone down. I asked Joe "What's going on?", he said that I had been running around and howling like an animal for hours, I laughed at this, Joe laughed too.
We went inside and finished our trip by watching the wall texture form patterns and move around, I had bark and twigs in my clothes and hair, the trip lasted for about two more hours. I later remembered climbing a tree thinking to ambush the people in the forest.
Do not try 7 grams of cubensis your first time doing drugs, It was extremely fun but could cause injury. Since then I have tripped about 30 times and love shrooms like no other drug. Happy shrooming

Crazy guy in Washington.

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