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The Perfect Trip

After reading the rating system for trips I realized I had never experienced a Lvl.

After reading the rating system for trips I realized I had never experienced a Lvl. 5 trip. So me and my friend J decided it was time to push the envelope and see beyond the veil. One of our friends had just fruited a massive crop of Psilocybe Cyanescens, he gave close to 7oz., fresh from the dirt. We planned our night for 2 months, we knew we couldn't fuck with shrooms and win, we had everything carefully planned out. We rented the Mind's Eye and Beyond the Mind's Eye, got all the food, drinks etc. we thought we'd need. After using that funky dosage calculator we figured our dose to be around 23 grams. My friend ended up eating 45 grams over a 45min. period and I ate 52 grams in half an hour. It was 9:00pm. We ate so many because this was an exploratory mission, a discovery of self. Immediately after dosing we hopped in a cab and headed for a laser light show that was playing across town. I've never felt shrooms hit faster or more gently. When we arrived at the Space Science Center, our perspective was so screwed it felt as if we were drunk of our asses. There's this huge metal dinosaur skeleton outside of the SSC that's propped up so it looks like a dinosaur walking on water. We had 15 minutes to kill before the show so we sat on bench staring at this HUGE dinosaur walking on water. The reflections from moon on the surface of the water was truly amazing and gave the illusion that the dinosaur was dancing. After that we went inside and sat down in the waiting area with all these other people who were intoxicated by some substance. Everybody was high. I was sitting on the waiting bench and the shrooms were kicking into high gear, I didn't want to be in public(I knew this was the weak link in our plan, I didn't want to go see the lasers J did). I told J I was leaving and being the great friend he is he returned both our tickets and called a cab. Again we were staring at the dinosaur when the cab picked us up. In the cab was the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced, I felt bad for doing drugs and not spending more time with my family, etc. but in the cab it felt like the driver was driving me through my life and I could look out the window and see myself and any point in my life. In that 30 minute cab ride I settled my restless mind and felt at peace with everything, I still have that feeling 2 years later. The visuals were like CEVs with my eyes open. It was as if I could simply ignore what my eyes were seeing and implant what I wanted to see. When we arrived home we were tripping pretty hard and still going higher. So we put on the Mind's Eye and decided to roll a joint. However, we were too fucked to smoke the joint(we had no desire) it was like the answer to a rhetorical question, it didn't and wasn't suppose to happen. I don't know how to explain it. The Mind's Eye became freaky to J so we turned it off and tried to find something on TV. Around 11:15pm and we are still getting higher, by now I don't remember what's was on the TV or if it was on. I remember a brief period of complete sobriety(5min) with no visuals and only slight body high. When I told J he said he felt the same thing. When the visuals came back it was INTENSE, I have this massive Bob Marley poster where Bob smoking a joint with some weird yellow light dimly shining in the background. This yellow bled into the walls and everything in my apartment and soon became a blindingly bright pure white light that emcompassed everything. I didn't seem to have a body anymore just consciousness and J was there(later he said his trip was very similar). I bring that up because we were so high we couldn't talk, couldn't move and with the flood of visuals I lost J. I didn't really care at the time but on does like these there must be some alone time, at least for me. For the next 2 hours I can't explain what happened, except every 50 minutes(like a clock) we both came out of our trances. Smoked a cig., went to the bathroom, got some water and then back into the trip. Around 2am, we were down enough to talk and move but we didn't feel the desire so we watch TV, everything was scary as hell except for the golf channel. This guy was teaching how to hit out of a bunker and various other rough places on the course. The visuals were still real intense but this guy seemed to radiate joy and happiness, he was the Lord of the Sand! He made the ball do amazing things out of the sand. He could swim and breathe in the sand, this guy was the living embodiment of sand, or so we thought. We watched him for a few hours and then watched a few comics on the comedy channel. This trip changed my life, very much for the better. It lasted damn near 12 hours but it was the sweetest half day of my life, a full body orgasm. Thanks for reading.

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