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The Opposite Of The Light

I had my ultimate trip when I was 20,the clear light.

I had my ultimate trip when I was 20,the clear light...nirvana?I don't know.
Acid is definately worse than mushies when you have a bad one,imo.

Anyway,after trying repeatedly,and failing,to repeat the experience,one night,alone lieing on my bed,i "took a wrong turn",and had the exact opposit experience.

While I had experienced the infinity of the void,outside of me,I felt it inside my mind,as though my mind was hollow,and my consciousness was removed,placed outside of it-with my surroundings,and it was replaced by something infintely small,and my mind was incessantly imploding in on itself.

Along with this,my body felt hollow,and in fact,larger than the room I was in.And,to top this off,I could feel a presence,a dragon or something,flying about and roaring in my stomach.I was beyond scared.I was petrified...nearly catatonic.My body was writhing about,because I was having a sensation that made my face grimace,and my body contort itself uncontrallably.You know when someone scratches their nails down the blackboard,and the noise makes you feel that feeling,and sometimes you pull a face?Well,imagine that times 100.It would have been funy to look at,but I wasn't laughing.

I thought I was going to stay like that,it lasted for about 7/8 hours,and only after drinking vodka 9 in the morning,did I come down.

Believe me,that night,I prayed for real for the very first time.I felt like I was walking a tightrope,or standing on a pole,surrounded by an infinite drop,and I had to balance on it for the whole trip.I had the experience afew times after,and so did a few of my friends,which-for all of us,ended a 7 year love affair with tripping.Sigh!I wish I was young again.....

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