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The opening of my third eye

Part of the reason why I am feeling so spiritually *alive* these days has to do with an amazing experience I had with a friend of mine who had a new year's eve party and I joined him and his other guests at his house.

Part of the reason why I am feeling so spiritually *alive* these days has to do with an amazing experience I had with a friend of mine who had a new year's eve party and I joined him and his other guests at his house. That evening, I took magic mushrooms and it was the most AMAZING experience of my life. I had never taken any drugs before, sauf for pot, and so haven't got much experience with mind altering substances. But I think the mushrooms, which are completely natural, helped to open my third eye. I haven't been the same since then. I feel lighter, happier, and I FEEL everything even stronger than I did before. I hallucinated very interesting things, and my consciousness was raised to a new level. I feel so much more IN TUNE with the universe, and my place in it. It's as if for years my mind's vision was blurred and fuzzy and the mushrooms put everything in focus. Would you believe that I SAW people's soul and the colours of his aura? Would you believe that others READ my thoughts? Would you believe that I cried tears of joy and it felt like I was being embraced by a cool, soothing waterfall? I think I tapped into some deep-seated psychic energy on the mushrooms, and therefore was able to *sense* things almost effortlessly. I suddenly had absolutely no fear of death, and fear itself just melted and disappeared from my soul. I felt as my friends and I were part of a future community of very enlightened beings, like the mushroom induced state of serenity and beauty was just a glimpse of what each mortal can achieve through a passionate pursuit of self-knowledge, spirituality, and beauty in the world. I just felt so at ease and free, liberated really. My friend revealed amazing things to me, and he told me that I was on a spiritual journey that would culminate in the attainment of my higher self. I hope none of this sounds over the top or insane, because what I am saying is very precious to me, I haven't shared this with just anyone because I don't think most people would understand something like this, chalking it down to just a bunch of people getting fucked up at a party. That is such a disparaging way of characterising what I experienced, because I would never dishonor my sacred discovery by calling it 'getting stoned', that is not how it was at all. I honestly think I reached satori enlightenment, that's how beautiful it was. It was like stepping into a surrealist painting, the colours came alive and my mind was a magical amusement park. It's like I *saw* what I was made of, and it was beautiful! I think that you are able to understand what I mean, having read other testimonials here. I *trust* that you understand. In that moment I just felt so full of love and peace, I *understood* that all organisms are filled with the life force of love, and I felt it so strongly within myself. I've never felt this way before. I felt like there was an infinitely radiant light inside of me, and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Sickness, fear, death, loss, failure, guilt, all those horrible things felt like an illusion, a fabrication. Fear seemed unreal to me, I faced it and reconised it for what it is: an obstacle and interference from achieving the only real thing: love. And I suddenly felt so at peace with everything that happened with in my past regarding a failed relationship, and I just *knew* that I was going to experience true love with someone else, someone *very* special. It was amazing. All the while I felt so incredibly beautiful and desirable, I can't describe it to you. I felt like I possessed a very powerful sensual force, which is an amazing life-giving force. My friend told me that the sensual energy that I possess is very precious, and he advised me to protect it and keep it sacred, and *not to give my power away*. He told me not to allow just anyone to come near my sensual power, because it is meant for someone very important who will come along and worship it. I had visions that one day I would give birth to a baby (a boy) who would grow up to be a very important person in history, a revolutionary or some kind of intellectual or artisic master, I'm not sure how to define it. I felt as if I had the archetype of a sacred mother! And I had very powerful visions about a number people in my life (my sister and brother, my parents, and a few amazing friends!). Most extraordinary!

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