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The Only One Alive

It was Day out, i started to wonder what me and my friend were gonna do today, then mushrooms popped in my head, me and him then decided to take mushrooms.

It was Day out, i started to wonder what me and my friend were gonna do today, then mushrooms popped in my head, me and him then decided to take mushrooms. after words we waited for a very long time, it was about 930 that we got them , we started eating them with salt and vinegar chips, wich really takes the taste out. we took them at 9:40. and i started to get pissed why this mushrooms werent working, i guess it was my body, but i didnt feel them so stupid enough i took more, and 2 more grams. 15 minutes later, i started feeling waves , these waves were hitting me as if i was being hit by a bus, it felt good though it was weird. then we left my house around 10:30. all we could talk about was Life, what was it, where are we , are we just little germs in someone elses body, thats all we can talk about, as if existence was fake a movie thats gonna end in the next five minutes.. we started to walk up to a church, it was also a school and it had a big parking lot were it had basketball courts on the parking lot. and behind the courts was all trees, it was a wooded area. we just sat down and we thought we have talked to god, all we could remember was wat he said to us, "everything is going to be alright, after this your life will be better , everything will be ok". and it was a night with a full moon, you can actually see the shape of the earth. i started trippin, the first thing i saw was a huge dead looking tree with alot of branches, that tree just fucking warped into the face of mufasa from the lion king.i couldnt belive it , but then it ddisspeared then i knew that it started to kick in much more. i told my friend i was goign to seven eleven to get soemthing to eat.. the walk there must have been the longest walk in my life, the trees started attacking me, the trees had pointy ass edges like their elbows, i started running, all i could think about was to run away.i looked at the time 12:01, i couldve sworn i left at 11 25, and 7-11 was right behind my house, w.e i just ignored it. it was so dark that there was only one light on, 7-11 parking lot. then there was no cars watsoever, everything was dead quite, nuthing seemed to make noise, no human life was outside, no street lights, no cars, i thought as if i went into a world were everyone died beside me, i thought as if i was ina resident evil game, as if i was the only one left... i did not know wat to do i started to panic, i started trying to look for people, no one in 7-11...i started freaking out, i felt so lonely that i was just gonna get drop on the floor and just wait to die. all the sudden, everything turned black, i was standing and everything was black. one by one they started to come back , one by one each object regained color. as if i was adding objects into computer game, or pics.....i saw the door and ran for it,and everything outside of 7-11 was black, as if i just entered a black hole with just one building in it. i started runinn i went so far i barely could see 7-11 , it was pitch black, nothing was ther but 7-11, i started running back to it. then the street appeared and houses.... i found myself back at my hometown... i dont know what it was but i was so lonely, i heard myself saying Lonely over and over. then my friend came and saw me and he said were were u, i could barely make out wat he said but i did. we went back to my house, went inside, and it was 1:45 evrything was silent we just stood there looking at our skin. i kept looking at my hands and my hand became a fuking picasso painting and it started running away like moving away from my eyes, getting smaller, then i moved it and it came back but then i took my hands and put them together as if i was praying. then i opened them it would look like i was reading a book but withought a book.then i closed both hands and put it closer to my face and then my hands stretched a mile around me.i lost all control of my body, i fell back into somethign the felt like marshmallows.everything around me was turning into picasso paintings changing color or like their color would get darker. and then my friend shook me i came back and he said i started breathing hard and my eyes were open and i was just laying ther. it was 3 oclock, it started wearing down, but then we took haze and we smoked 2 grams, and i was fucked i blakced out and i was just laying a in a dark world, with noone but myself........i felt so alone......i wanted anythign or anyone to hold me. or to touch my arm. then i woke up the next morning. i was sop happy that my friend was ther. after that night i never wanted to be alone again. i could not stand it. but it felt so good, as if u controled the world. but after a while u get lonely and want someone wit u. that was the worst part.
that changed my life. Shrooms is a drug that makes u wnat to live, or enjoy life. it makes u wonder, if the trip u had was reality or not, it opens up ur mind and eyes. and u think if the reality were in, is it a lie, is everything fucked up, does everything look like shit but our eyes makes it seem as if it is a perfect object, as if our eyes are lying to us. this is the questions i asked myself on shrooms, and others shoudl try it.

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