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The night my life became clear.

It all started when I was with my good friend S, and J.

It all started when I was with my good friend S, and J. One night I went over to his apartment and right when I got there I had found out my other good friend had some shrooms that he wanted to sell. So I said "OK" lets go and get them. So S and his bro and girlfriend and J and I all went over really quickly to pick up the shrooms. We get there and he shows them shrooms to us and it was only one fat stem and part of a cap that I am guessing weighed less that 1/8th ounce. So we bought it for 15 bucks, and it was a night we wouldnt forget. We split them in half. Only S and I would be the one's tripping cause J did'nt have any money and there wasnt enough shrooms for the three of us. So we pop the shrooms at a gas station when S's brother hadto get gas, so being the smart cookie I am. I went in and got us some kern's fruit juice. Then soonafter at the station we eat the shrooms. We were gonan go to a movie in a town 15 minutes away. So we get there and we found out that the movie we wanted to see was sold out. So we went to a movie store and rented "One flew over the Cucko's nest" and " Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Then after we got out of the movie store we got in the car and thats when the hallucinations begun. We were driving home and S claimed that he had saw aliens out of the car, so I looked out and I didnt see any aliens, after that i looekd out of my side of the window and I saw a giant anaconda chasing the car. According to J I said that the snake was going to kill us all. Too much deep thinking going on in that car. Once we got back to S's house to watch our movies his mom made us walk to Safeway to get cake mix I belive it was. So we walked and the night was amazing, S was tripping his balls off while J was watching us ( thank god he did). I saw the moon and several stars which were really there, but the stars were beaming all around and the moon started to come closer to me and it said something to me, and I was in total awe I remember. I don't remember what it said to me but I remember it was shocking. Then we got to safeway and ran into the friend who sold it to us, and he told us that the reason we were tripping so hard off so little was because it was dipped in LSD. Then for some reason S and I started to laugh uncontrollably. Then we walked back to S's house and on the way back we ran int oa kid whos name was Lu Lu ( no shit!) and being the dick I can sometimes be I kept giving him shit for his name. I felt bad afterwards but it was worth it it seemed at the time. Then we walked back and a giant robot was following justm e. Not J or S, but just me. I started to run and I lost S and J. I was starting to get freaked out and then I sat down on a small rock and I saw a giant cat chase a goblin on rollerblades. I could'nt belive what I had seen and Sean called my cell and said "where are you man?". Then coincedentally I ran into him and I clicked off my cell and it said I had missed 16 calls from S and J. I laughed hard and they both did also. I dont know why J was but he just laughed or so I thought.. We got back and watched "one flew over the cuckos nest" and "fear and loathing" and the TV kept blinking at me, and a black swirl kept moving around the TV. I remember being so confused and sweating profusely. Then I don't remember much after that but from what I remember it was up there in my top 5 trips. It was a crazy night, the night my life became clear. It was amazing.

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