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The Naked Girl Pillow Fight

It was the summer myself, and all my friends turned 18 so were wanted to celebrate and kind of have a girlie bonding weekend before we went off to college.

It was the summer myself, and all my friends turned 18 so were wanted to celebrate and kind of have a girlie bonding weekend before we went off to college. I was having a lot of anxiety about my future, but at the time i was calm cool and ready to trip. We had been drinking for a while, smoked a few before my friend' Christa's parents went home for the weekend- a great lake house with a view of the lake and valley all ours for a weekend. I had picked up a 1/2 ounce, it was all dried 'shake' (powdery, probably the last of a batch) and caps. I figured we could boil some water and pour the powder in it, I had heard it makes you trip harder/faster because the chemicals go into the water and are absorbed easier. The teapot whistled, almost as if warning, this is going to get intense.The caps, we ate. We cut chocolate bars in half and mushed them in between the nugent. Regardless, we raised our classes and said cheers to a good trip.
(the tea didnt taste bad, very soothing actually) We each took an 1/8th. (btw, my 2nd time tripping, previously i had taken about (1 bag?) about 1/16 of an ounce?.

Everyone else had already felt it, we decided to go outside to the beach. Christa was already buggin’ as we walked down the path, I hadn’t felt any of it yet. She was staring at this large tree trunk, the bark was picked off in this strange but complex pattern. I stared at it, I wanted to see it shift and change before my eyes but nothing was happening yet. Then all of a sudden I saw a face pop out of the tree trunk and stare right back at me. I jumped back, startled, and laughed histerically. We held each others’ hand and ran down the path and onto the boat dock extending outward into the glass lake.
I was never more determined to get my clothes off then at that moment. We had bikinis on, and we both instantly jumped right off the edge of the dock into the lake. The water was cool, it was a great sensation. My heart was racing, the water was silvery all around me reflecting the sun. We held our breath for a moment and went underwater. We were only there for a few seconds, but it felt like we had escaped from earth and found this new world where time was slow. The climb back up onto the dock was tough. The swimming had made my muscles tired, it was hard to grip the wooden panels. I had enough strength though, to get a handle on one of the panels and pull my body up. I felt like a big dead fish. Once I got onto the dock, I just laid there. Sprawled out in this awkward position, turned on my side, my feet just dangling off the edge dipping into the water. I looked up at the clouds, they were so beautiful. We were all just staring at them as they put on their finest performance before our eyes. The trees were doing their own version of the wave every time the wind would blow, the branches looked as if they were growing, but they never got any bigger. It was when the clouds parted to show us the sun setting over the valley that we realized everything we had just seen was merely an opening act. The sky literally parted for us, revealing the most beautiful sunset not even the finest artist could paint. As the sun cast colors into the sky, I watched the lake change from silver, then to pink, then to turquoise, and violet. We were all laying there, peaking, our big black eyes just staring up at the sky. I had some auditory hallucinations, my other friends Tamb and Kiley were talking on the other edge of the dock but by the time the sound reached me it sounded like it was in 'slow motion' very dragged out and echoey. Someone passed by on a boat, making faces at us. We were probably a pretty funny sight. They were the first people we had seen in a while. They said something like “What’d you guys do? Go swimming then get so tired you just crashed their on the dock?”. Yup. Exactly.

That was probably the most visually beautiful part of the trip, and it was early. We still had a ways to go, and it only got chaotic from there.

Sometime later, we returned to the house, which proved to be its own adventure. There was a lot of running, a lot of screaming. I went to bathroom while everyone else was downstairs. I took the floor mat with me, because I was convinced it was growing. We stared at it for a few minutes, before getting changed out of our wet bathing suits. We were all in our own corner of the room, trying to put together an outfit, when Christa turned around, topless, exclaiming “it feels great to be naked!” Little did she know, Christa had started a revolution. It lasted a few minutes, but for those few minutes, we were all free. Free of clothing, we jumped on the two queen mattresses, throwing pillows, blankets, making a mess of the entire bedroom. We darted around the house like children playing hide and seek, only were weren’t children, we were 18 year old girls, naked, on mushrooms. The infamous naked pillow fight at the girls’ sleepover, yes, it did happen, even if it did involve some psychedelic drugs. I remember walking into the den and pressing my chest against the cold glass doors there; Ladies, if you ever try this on mushrooms its a great sensation.
After that, there was a lot of tallking, i was rambling to Christa (she was my buddy for the duration of the trip) the other two girls had gone out into the woods. We had put all our clothing in the dryer and when it came out it was so warm, we just wraped it all around us in a pile and sat there laughing and giggling. After, we went outside to smoke a bowl, then suddenly i felt the taste of vomit in my mouth. I think it was indigestion or something, but it apparently freaked me out. I went to the kitchen and everything started to get fucked up. Everything was moving, I felt like I was getting motion sickness. I kept saying 'we could be dead', and stuff like 'I think we're dead, you don't believe me, you just don't know it yet'. I was convinced I had died sometime that night, perhaps in the dryer pile, and I would never see anyone else again. I needed an anchor to reality, I felt it slipping away, I wanted for one second for everything to stop moving and breathing and changing. I'm a physics major, so I pay close attention to dynamics, the way things move, and I was presented with a reality that contradicted everything I knew about the world. Christa pinched me, she said 'look, feel that? You're alive' but I wasn't convinced, I told her that the pain I felt after the pinch was just a manifestation of my mind. I had debated myself into a corner pretty much, I knew it was probable that I was alive, but I couldn't find anything to contradict the idea that I may also be dead. I started drinking milk, because I heard somewhere milk slowed trips down. I had scared myself into thinking I was Od'ing, even though conciously I knew I couldn't OD. Parts of my mind were off limits, my ability to think rationally had disappeared. Everything became so overwhelming I decided to lay down in the laundry pile. I closed my eyes, and I imagined complete blackness. It worked, only, I heard a song playing in my head. It was the song "Eye" by the Smashing Pumpkins, which, after I had listened to it again made perfect sense at the time. The ending has this wierd synth part, and when it started playing in my head, I felt like I was dying. I suddenly missed my boyfriend, I wanted to call him but I felt like he would be mad. I didn't want to call him, because I didn't know what to expect. I just laid there and felt alone, It felt like that moment went on forever, I just laid there, thinking I was dead or dying for a long time, although, I believe it was only for about 15 minutes.
What kind of 'woke me up' was a call on my cell phone from my friend Kayla. She called me to say hi, whats up, etc, and talking to her, I had regained my cool, I told her I was happy to be alive and hung up.
I wanted to be with my other friends, I knew they were outside. I ran in and out a few times, it was dark and I needed a flashlight, but I would forget what i went into the house for when I went back. Finally I figured it out, I got down to the lake and everyone was there on the dock, watching the stars. It was euphoric. I was so happy to be alive, to see nature in all it's beauty. I laid down and had the most intense personal revelation. I was so anxious about my future, but my journey had taught me that I would be fine, I would be happy, and I would see many beautiful things in my lifetime. I had a better understanding of what death was, I felt like life is a 'growing' phase, where we are dependent on others to survive, but when we die, it's our time to be alone. In dying, I believe, we exist in our mind and only our mind, whatever we can imagine we can experience, I felt like if I died I would be able to see countries from far away, and go underwater and become like a fish, that I could slip through all realms of the universe and become part of whatever I chose. It seems fair, that if we fill our minds with knowledge, wisdom, and appreciate beauty we'll have a good 'afterlife' but if we damage and neglect our minds, or destroy them completely with drugs, there will be nothing left for the 'afterlife'. All in all, best trip, can't wait to do it again, I feel like I got the best of both worlds- feeling completely alive and completely dead at the same time, realizing the importance of each. My advice, shrooms are best in a very natural environment, and if you can watch a sunset, do it. Trip Safely.

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