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The music is in my hand

My bro Josh was crashing at my house for the night and we decided to drive to the plaza in town to get some herb.

My bro Josh was crashing at my house for the night and we decided to drive to the plaza in town to get some herb. First we rolled a fat cone jay with the rest of his buds for the ride into town. I sparked it up as we rolled down my driveway. At about 4:20 we rolled to a stop at the plaza, and thick herb smoke bellowed from the car as we stepped out into the cool air outside. We strolled past palm trees swaying above the stoney crowds of flower children forever free in the quintessence of infancy. Hippies kick hacky sacks and jubilant children dash through the crowds of travelers sprawled on ornamental rugs, passing the smoke of sweet dreams. There is an ancient energy in the air today, the wind blows with the welcome breeze of tranquility as an electrifying chill runs down my spine. I feel ten miles high as I drift down the sidewalk with my head in the clouds. We go into a small head shop to look around at the glass. Beautiful bongs and pipes from wall to wall glisten in the soft, warm light. Josh starts looking at a vaporizer on the other side of the store. "I should get this man." he said. "Do you have enough money?" I asked. "Yea, it's like $175 and I have a little over two hundred. We should still have plenty left if we want to get some herb or something." he said as he set the box on the counter. I picked up some hemp Bob Marley papers and tossed them down as well. We paid and took one last look around before leaving, namely at an ornate five foot hookah engraved with golden vine designs that stood beside the door. We walked down the sidewalk past the mouth watering smell of pizza grease and grilled sandwiches emitting through the open doors of packed restaurants. We watch the colorful graffiti and record shops adorned with psychedelic posters as we cruise back to Josh's car. I could see a few dealers standing on the square a few feet away. "You want to try acid tonight?" I asked Josh as we walked. I hadn't done it yet but I had done mushrooms, and I'd had the calling to do acid for as long as I can remember. I somehow knew that it would enter my life at the right time. "Sure." he said with an intriguingly smug smile. "I still have twenty bucks." We approached a chilled out looking dealer holding a skateboard with luminescent magic mushroom on it. He was clean and non threatening with a calm, comfortable vibe so I felt alright about buying acid from him. "LSD?" I queried with a raised eyebrow. "Yea, I've got some white lightening tabs for $5 a hit, need some?" "Yea, follow us." Josh motioned as he began to walk through the plaza to our parked car. "How much do you guys need?" our hook up asked as we got inside the car. As Josh pulled out he thought a moment. "Will you do five for twenty?" Josh ventured. "Yea I can do that." He opened a black backpack and took out a plastic bag containing a nearly full sheet of L. "Wow" I said "that's white lightening?" "Yea" he said "Double dipped pure white lightening. He sounded confident as he removed the sheet and tore five tabs from the top. He dropped them into a small square bag with a symmetrical golden crown design winding over transparent blue plastic. "Here you go." he said as he handed Josh the bag at a stop sign. "Tight, thanks." Josh said as he handed him the twenty. "Can you drop me off at the college? he asked. "Sure." Josh replied as turned toward HSU. We rolled up to the front of the library parking lot and our hook up stepped out thanking us for the deal and told us to have fun. We were happy to have found it so easily. As we pulled away I said "We should take it tonight, It'll be fucking great, we've got your new vape." "Definitely" he immediately responded. We got on the freeway around twilight and listened to the engines hum as we drove down 101. Cars glide by my window as I wonder what my trip will be like. We turned onto my driveway under the moss laden redwood canopy. The eerie twilight glows a cool blue outlining the dark forms of tall redwoods and ferns. When we entered the clearing, Josh parked and we walked to the house. Inside we sat in my room tokin my double-bubble bong High Tide and watching Pink Floyd The Wall. "I want to take mine now." Josh said. "I'm not quite ready for mine yet." I said as Josh popped two and a half tabs in his mouth. I closed my eyes and began to meditate, following my breath and clearing my mind. I am ready to experience a new dimension outside the realm of objective time and space, ready to become a part of something greater than myself, and ready to experience my inner spirit. With a refreshing deep breath I opened my eyes and asked Josh for my tabs. I took two and a half, which immediately produced a strong metallic taste. I pressed them against the roof of my mouth and chewed them until they dissolved and fell apart, then I swallowed the pulp. I felt different already, not anything major, but I felt great, alive, and content with zen like euphoria. Colors began to seem brilliantly vibrant in the movie and reverberated with a slight ripple that seemed to sway with the music. I followed the slight visual disturbances as objects appeared to gain in relief assuming new dimensions of color and space. Colors melted together and spun in and out of geometric spirals filled with mixing complex patterns and luminescent colored light. Although the visuals were getting impressive, I remember seeing the movie as boring and dramatic. It seemed like the main character was feeling sorry for himself and burgeoning all of his problems , thus creating new ones. I wanted to give him acid and tell him to go with the flow. I ended up skipping forward to the psychedelic animated scene that begins with the growing flowers. That scene was amazing. The animation seemed to morph flawlessly revealing a complex stream of eidetic textured hidden images of fascinating dimension and color. After that scene was over I turned off the wall and put some Hendrix in
my stereo. By then my body high was incredible. I could not accurately link the feeling to any other sensation ever felt before. When the music peaked, the visuals became strikingly vivid accompanied by a euphoric rush of ecstasy. I felt electrified as the feeling overtook me sending warm chills from my fingers to my toes. I was experiencing the music, watching and feeling the energy filled sound waves overtake my spirit, merging with it. There was a time when my entire being became one with the sound waves, and my spirit existed only as music. It was like experiencing the music instead of hearing it. I was the music. It felt like a mind orgasm. When In From the Storm began I saw a kaleidoscopic flower pattern erupt and grow from the speakers swirling with a rainbow of colors and pulsating with the beat in a glassy hue. Following the changes in the music and illustrating the notes, the colors surged in an uninterrupted stream of beautifully unique fantastic symmetries with a vibrant glow. "The music is in my hand" Josh said as he held out his hand under a colorful purple blue aura of spinning fractals we could both see. He had concentrated so hard on a sound wave that he had gained control of it in his hand. It twinkled with the same fantastic play of colors as the waves pulsating from the speakers. I stood up to light some candles and turn on my lava lamp. My field of vision swayed before me as objects appeared distorted like the images in curved mirrors. Glassy tracers distorted objects giving the impression of a liquid space dimension. I had great difficulty in speaking coherently which immediately sparked a desire to laugh. Words became meaningless because we could pick up on each other's thoughts regardless of our literation. We had established a telepathic connection and could finally efficiently communicate our ideas instead of breaking them down into words. Josh started to unpack his vaporizer and told me that we needed a grinder for the herb, so I slid my desk drawer open to get it and saw my film container of Amazonian Cubensis. "I have some mushrooms man." I said as I held it up examining the contents. I only had about a half eighth. "Eat 'em." Josh replied. I dumped the contents of the small plastic jar into my mouth and chewed the mushrooms well. They weren't bad, no dirt or grit like some wild mushrooms can have, but crunchy and starchy. I washed them down with a swig of water and gave Josh the grinder. I got him a sleeping bag and some blankets and pillows and spread them out on the floor. I sat down on one of the pillows and handed him my jar of nugs. He pulled out a petty top cola with purple hairs that glistened in the light with sweet trichromes. "Can't wait to taste that through a vaporizer." I said as he pulled a hairy chunk from the base of the bud and ground it up. "We should try using the vapor bag." he said as he poured the ground herb into the vapor disk. Flipping through the instruction booklet he said "It says to turn it up all the way for a bag of vapor." He pushed the small button lighting up the blue digital screen. The temperature slowly rose to 500 as the vape warmed up. Josh fitted the tip with a vapor bag, popped in the herb disk, and switched the fan on high. A single stream of misty fog sprayed forth into the bag, filling it quickly. Josh switched off the drone fan and removed a hazy bag, inhaling all the vapor at once. Savoring the smoke he slowly exhaled as he handed the vaporizer to me. "So sweet, it tastes like grapes." he said. I switched on the fan and watched the swirling smoke fill the bag. The hit was so smooth and sweet. It electrified me with a chilling wave of energy. I can feel timeless shaman spirits flow in this ancient energy, living free in the endless Indian summer. It was at this moment that I truly felt I had returned home. Had I been here before? Maybe through other eyes in another world long ago. I had again found my spirit, and this life is my spirit's time to explore my mind and this world. It flows with the same timeless energy that makes up the spirit world, the other side, the cosmic dimension. The same infinite energy that many unfortunate people can only view one way, from behind a conditioned veil of perception. Shaman spirits guide my trance as tribal reptilian patterns and flowers blossom and grow under an expansive desert horizon painted with deep orange and purple blue mist behind a glowing, radiant moon. Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to the endless night. Josh pointed at a jazz album on my wall, Time Changes by Dave Brubeck. It has a colorful splotchy abstract design on the cover. "The colors are a band." Josh said. I watched the swirling forms turn into a quartet and play a Brubeck song in my head. All my psychedelic art was alive with color, and when I focused on something for a short time it would grow into an expansive kaleidoscopic pattern of color that I could watch melt into whatever I could picture. I was in complete control of the images, animating them in a continuous flow of fantastically colorful fractal patterns. With my eyes closed I saw lush green jungles with ancient trees and prehistoric plant life blooming with enormous ferns, flowers, clovers, moss, and giant cyanescens mushrooms. Streams flowing into the cool air of underground caverns and through enormous caves shining with thousands of crystal icicles glistening with the rippled reflections of the distorted waters surface. I saw outer space sparkling with stars and misty galaxies dotted with twinkling interconnected constellations. An old hot sun with a vibrant lavender glow rises over the horizon of a faraway planet. A cool blue sea laps on the shore of a crystal beach under majestic glaciers that distort the turquoise orange sunset. Misty clouds swirl through a diamond speckled sky with seven moons. I opened my eyes and picked up my headphones and CD player. I turned off all the lights and light a lit a few more candles. The spark of the lighter was brilliant and sparkled with vibrant light. It's flash left a growing mandala image before my eyes for a few seconds after the lighter was out. I put Led Zeppelin 3 in my CD player and got in bed to relax and listen. The bed was very comfortable with it's cool sheets and heavy comforter. The candles flicker broken up light dancing onto the walls, shimmering with the vine engravings on the glass candle holders. I toasted another bowl out of High Tide which enhanced the visuals even more. I saw multicolored auras around the candles swirling with long, curved orange beams of light. If I squinted the beams grew and spun forming complex and expensive kaleidoscopic mandalas, blossoming and flowing with bright symmetrical patterns encompassing the dancing flame in the center. My field of vision was still very distorted as everything rippled with curved patterns causing objects to appear underwater.
When I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night I went all the way down the stairs ant through my house in total darkness. I had such a sense of awareness that even though I couldn't see anything, I could imagine the layout of my house and visualize where I was quite easily. The wooden floor of my bathroom melted and swam with beautiful three dimensional woodgrain patterns. The fibers in the shag rug were strikingly vivid and seemed to be arranged in a complex, geometric pattern of infinite depth. I looked at my eyes in the mirror as I washed my hands and they looked slightly dilated, but otherwise crystal clear. Even more clear looking than normal. When I shut out the light, I watched a transparent image of my bathroom melt and change before my eyes in the darkness. Back upstairs I climbed into my warm bed and stretched my headphones over my head as the song No Quarter began. I could hear extremely acutely as all the songs underlying accents became magnificently clear. I could feel the sound waves flowing through my head as the music began to ripple and reverberate with a mystifying echo. I could visualize brilliantly colored waves of energy inside the music, flowing with me and presenting me with thousands of images of patterns, diamonds, and far-out fantastic colorful architecture at a breathtaking rate. I began to look deep inside one of the waves and felt myself merge with it. It gave me a feeling of a complete disembodied state in the form of a glowing ball of light. For that time I existed solely in the energy world, experiencing all of existence and the entire universe functioning in a timeless infinity. I could visit any point in past, present, or future, and visualize vast beautiful landscapes of infinite planets simultaneously. I witnessed all of creation as massive supernovas gave birth to misty new galaxies spinning with colorful, lush planets. When I watched a planet form I could see enormous ice mountains melting into new seas. Volcanoes and islands are forced to the surface by mammoth tectonic plates as expansive green continents rise from the oceans. Majestic mountains upsurge from the dirt and rocks as raging rivers cut through painted desert canyons. Giant trees sprout from the rich soil and tower high over lavish vine laden jungles trickling with rocky creeks. Mountainsides crumble and reshape as thousands of years pass before my eyes. I began to see the objective material world in which things are normally perceived as a manifestation of the imagination. I realized that the fascinating energy world I was experiencing must be the infinite universe as it truly exists, stripped of limited, conditioned perception. It was the spirit world, the other side, and I had become one with it. I had discovered that enlightenment is a unification of ourselves with the spirit world and with the processes of mother nature. If both processes can sustain each other in a balanced symbiotic relationship, we will thrive. A lack of spirituality or lack or respect for our delicate planet results in grave consequences. Many people will continue to rape the earth until it can no longer support them, and many more will simply die in a prison of their own devise. What will it take to wake up the world? Your spirit is waiting for you.

"Ooh great creator of being
Grant us one more hour,
To perform our art
And perfect our lives.

We need great golden copulations,

When the true kings murders
Are allowed to roam free,
A thousand magicians arise in the land" -Jim Morrison

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