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The most magickal mushroom experience ever,..

A friend of mine returned from Oregon State with 2 ounces of mushrooms and gave me an ounce of them.

A friend of mine returned from Oregon State with 2 ounces of mushrooms and gave
me an ounce of them. I was on vacation from work that week so it was perfect.
I began to set up my house for the perfect trip that thursday night by laying
out a couple of persian style rugs, placing psychedelic posters all over the walls, setting up candles all over the house and preparing mentally above all.
I had decided after that I did not want to over prepare mentally so I went to sleep at around midnight that night.

The next morning I woke up at about 10 am and had a fruit and grain breakfast with natural juices and mineral water. My buddy D***** showed up
at around noon. We divided up 1/4 oz. (7 gm.) for each of us. We began to ingest the mushrooms at around 6pm. We chewed slowly for about 30 minutes then
swallowed the mushroom pulp. At around 6:30pm I was already beginning to feel
a little dizzy and swimmy in the head. I decided to go outside for some fresh air. There outside I saw the most green grass I have ever seen. It had seemed that green electric energy was snapping through the grassblades. I was inebriated. I walked back into the house almost immediately (it seemed) and
it was an hour later! The sun was setting and everything looked pink and orange, then purple and red, then deep blue with the moon lit quite bright. The
living room was stirring restlessly it seemed while patterns seemed to appear on everything. It was brighter with my eyes closed than with them open. It was like there was a kaleidascopic sun inside my head. Everything kept rotting or melting then rebuilding itself up and repeating this pattern. Everything was
breathing restlessly with my own breath. I was losing visual contact with the outside world it seemed. I was swimming in colors and patterns and kaleidascopic colors. I could see my buddy but was barely aware that he was there. He kept dissappearing ( to be continued )

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