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the most intense experience of my life

well, we waited and waited and waited, and finally they were ready!

well, we waited and waited and waited, and finally they were ready!!! We had enough mushrooms finally to trip as hard as we would please, after 2 months of growing and waiting. I was skeptical as to wether my me and my friend would have enough to go as far as we wanted to, until we went back home and looked at them. We definately had enough.
We started picking the ones off of our casing that were open.. all the rest would of been open by later that night, but we still have atleast 10 mushrooms ready.. after picking and washing, we weighed them on my friend's really really shitty mail scale. It said that we had about 50 grams wet. 25 each.. we wanted a little bit more, so we took the two drying ones from the day before and through them in, then divided them up. For some reason at the point, both bags weighed 40 grams.. I knew it didn't add up, but we were too excited to care.
We got in the car and started driving to my friends house and gobbled them down on the way. It took 3 whole mouthfuls to chew them all up.. it was far from easy. She lived about 20 minutes from where we were, and by the time we got to her house, I was already starting to see stuff.. I knew we were in for a long night.
We got ourselves situated in her house, we had bought movies, juice, and chess for the evening.. none of which would really get used though. I sat on her couch and watched her carpet as it started to move around a little. It was entertaining.. within the next 30 minutes, it just built up as we sat and talked. It was getting more and more intense. I started laughing hysterically, talking to myself, and saying "holy shit" over and over again in response to the intensity.
the order of the nights events are slightly unclear, but the next thing I remember was she was trying to convince me to watch one of the movies(True Stories) even though I knew I'd never be able to pay attention. She put the movie on, and we started watching.. I kept bursting into severe laughter over nothing and getting side-tracked... movies in general don't seem to interest me to much at all while I'm tripping.
This stopped staying where they were... everything was moving like crazy. I remember looking at my friend and seeing her face split into halftones like how they make pictures in the newspaper. I was talking extremely loud, laughing a lot, and relating my whole experience to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
I was related everything to a rebirth like that in the end of 2001; cycles in life that all intertwine with eachother. Daily cycles, monthly cycles, cycles in mood, cycles in the trip.
Next thing I remember, I went to the bathroom to take a piss. Everything went fine until I was finished, when I all of a sudden thought I had pissed all over myself. My hands felt wet, but I could not see anything. It confused me, I giggled at it, zipped up and walked out.. my pants still felt wet, even though there was not a drop of piss/water on me. I sat down on the couch as my friend went to use the bathroom when it started feeling like there was hair in my mouth. I tried pulling it out but it was not there. Once again, I giggled, and continued.
By this point I had lost all concept of reality.. well, at the time I all and nothing were the same thing, I kept repeating opposite words like that "is isn't is isn't" because I could not see the difference. I started to feel like I had merged with all of space and all of time; my past, present, and future, were all part of my knowledge and part of the universe which was nothing more than my perception. Reality turned into an arbitrary instance. Life it's self felt like a halucination. The feeling was truely undescribable. I have yet to find a way to put it into words in a way that someone who has not experienced it would understand. I felt like I was experiencing the universe in it's rawest form of energy. Objects were not individual, but part of a bigger image. Me and my friend had almost formed what seemed like a telepathic bond. We knew exactly what eachother was feeling, and when I explain something, she would understand it completely without me finishing the sentence.
Unfortunately, I did not realize how whacked out she was. She kept repeating different things like "it'll be great, it's gonna be awesome, it's amazing, it's perfect". I never registered how weird it really was.
Next her sister called because he car was stuck in the snow. She wanted her to pick her up but obviously we couldn't. That is when she called back and left a one sided conversation on the answering machine. For some reason at this point she asked me to clean up the place because her sister was coming and wanted it to look nice. She told me to take a shower so I did.. It was incredible until I tried turning it off and spraying myself with freezing cold water. She had to come in and help me turn it off. Next she told me to vacuum her living room, even though it was 11 at night and her landlord lives right underneath her. I turned it on for one second and realized how loud it was so I turned it off. By the time I had gotten that far, she was outside. I assumed to let her dog go to the bathroom. I sat on the couch and waited. Next I heard and felt a really really large bang and had no idea what it was. She came back up and said to me "You gotta get ready. I'm serious get your shit together". I had no idea why. I thought it was a car crash and was totally confused.
Next her landlord came into her apartment looking really really pissed off. He walked into the living room and said "where the fuck is it???" she replied with some completely random gibberish like "the mothballs ... naptheline ... gretchen". He gave her a confused look and said "I don't need this shit at 11 at night!!! I'm sick of you fucking running my life! What the fuck is wrong with you you drugged up ..... " and that went on for what seemed an eternity, but was really about a half hour. Her sister showed up in the middle of the mess, as confused as I was, but slightly more sober. At this point my friend was trying to convince her landlord how much she loved him and how perfect everything was. I tried yelling at her to stop but she wouldn't. It just kept going. Her sister tried helping too but couldn't get anything out of her. I was starting to freak out completely. I had no idea what was going on and it was scaring the shit out of me. I called another friend of mine and told him that he had to pick me up right then and that things went really bad. The whole mess then moved outside and I was left inside. This is the point where I felt like I was flying through space like in the scene in 2001. Her living room was all that there was. And I was the only one left alive. I sat and watched as the beads in her door preformed a dance for me. It was very cool looking, but I was far from happy. I was scared to death. The 15 minutes inside was the longest 15 minutes I've ever had in my entire life. Within that time her aunt called for some reason. She had gotten a call I guess from her sister who was trying to get help or something. I tried talking to her on the phone, but I was unsure wether the conversation was actually making sense or not.
Next her cousin came over. He had a lot more knowledge about tripping than her sister, and would serve a bigger help. She continued to talk complete gibberish and try to convince her landlord about the world.
Finally my friend showed up at the door, completely confused at the situation. My friend who was tripping told him to stay and tried keeping him there but I just pushed him out the door and yelled at him to just leave. He left, and I finally got in the car and escaped.
During the situation, my friend apparently started to feel sick because of the mothballs that she put in her vacuum cleaner, and decided to go ask her landlord for help. Her landlord, being a raging alcoholic, got utterly pissed off when he came upstairs to find out that she was just tripping and being a damn idiot.
She ended up getting kicked out of her apartment for all this mess, for better of for worse, and that was the end

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