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The Mirror

This was my 2nd trip.

This was my 2nd trip. This was the most terrifying trip of all. My freind of course, the tough guy, ate more shrooms than anyone I have ever seen eat before. Still, I don't think the cubies effected him at all. Me on the other hand, was totally gone. About an hour after divouring my caps, I ran strait into the bathroom and puked twice. When I was finished, I turned around to go out the door and the door sprang to life, had red eyes and claws thrashing at me. I was too scared to yell for my freind. I just sat on the toilet and waited for the trip to be over. Then it happened. A boy grabbed me the reached out of the mirror and pulled me in. While inside the mirror, all I could see was colors. Swirled colors. EVERYWHERE. Then, everything went black. White Swirls where starting to appear everywhere. Then, after another half hour of colors and sounds that made absoluty no sense, my trip was over. I went to talk to my freind and he said that the room started to look funny and that was it. I told him my story and he was just like

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