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The Matrix Trip

Ok here it goes.

Ok here it goes...It all started on September 17th 2000,
between 12am & 1am (by the way, that date is my birth
date)... I had just gotten off of work and I got a ride with
my manager at work which was a friend of my parents.
When I got to her house, her husband and my Uncle
which was living in their basement had a nice birthday
gift waiting for me.... A half quarter of mushrooms in
powder form (another words, it was grinding up). Also
there was this girl and a guy over which were friends of
the my uncles girlfriend....anywayz, just after I had
received my birthday gift everyone went downstairs to
watch a DVD accept that girl and guy and myself. so all
three of us head into the upper level front room of the
house and we decide to do some mushrooms. So I ate
about 2.5 grams and I gave the rest to the other 2 ppl....
Just after eating the mushrooms which btw were the
bombest shrooms in town AKA Blue Caps, we sat
down and started to watch some scary movie... About
20 minutes passed by and I started to notice that the
mushrooms were kicking because across from me, the
other 2 ppl looked like they were bouncing off the other
couch at the rate of 100mph. So I giggle and I proceed
to wait for my peak. About 40 minutes after eating the
mushrooms ....IT HIT ME!.... Ok here's where the shit
hits the bricks.... Everything around me turns black and I
instantly stand up and I look around. Just before
heading into the hall way the walls start to get bright
everywhere and BOOM....for some reason my eyes are
telling me that the walls are contracting like in the
movie Matrix and the walls look exactly like the end of
the movie when the walls turn to encoding....Next thing
ya know everything turns to encoding like in the Matrix...
and I start to freak out. Instantly I thought in my head
that the world was being controlled by robots and we
are electric pulses. So as the visuals start to intensify I
ran out of that house and started to head towards my
house. On the way to my house you have to pass by
the whole Cemetary which was pretty long in distance.
When I got home everything was still encoded like the
walls in the matrix...so I go into my room and lay down
and the next thing i know im in my bed and its morning
time. The first thing that came to my mind and is still in
my mind till this day(02/09/2002) is that our world is
fake and we are nothing but slaves to a robot raise
controlling our virtual world. Ever since my Matrix
Mushroom trip my life has changed becauase
everything i see and do I try to relate it to a computer...
Thanx for reading my 100% True Story. after this trip I
have not been able to trip on mushrooms again
because im afraid I might bring out matrix trip again
which lies perminantly in the bottom of my brain for the
rest of my life.

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