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I Understand All

The first time I shroomed my mind was very immature and I couldn't comprehend the extent of my exploration.

The first time I shroomed my mind was very immature and I couldn't comprehend the extent of my exploration. But on a Thursday night my life changed.

I consumed about a gram all the while smoking pieces of shrooms here and there along with marijuana. It took a very long time to set in, even when drinking orange juice to speed up the process. The first signs of its setting in became apparent when my pupils began to dialate and I had this overwhelming feeling of being happy and at peace with the world which I was in.

As my friend talked to me I understood him as a person well beyond normal comprehension. I saw him as a collague of different personalities, thoughts, worlds that create him him. I began classifying people by two groups. Those who attract to physical reality and those who attract to mental reality. Physical reality being the actual creation or implementation of the thought and mental reality being the thought itself and how it came into existence.

My mind wandered into everything that intrigued me. It was as if I was a little kid, curious to everything that surrounded me. I began thinking of comprehensions of space (dimensions). I came up with this term describing a place where space cannot exist. The void. I understood it mathematically by the condition 1/0. We cannot comprehend it so therefore it does not occupy space. I also claimed that this was, for all intents and purposes, heaven. The only way to go there is if you leave your physical reality or physical being.

The extent of what I thought of would take pages to explain put briefly I would like to say that I believe shrooming allows you to see things with your brain. It allows you to manifest your thoughts physically creating an unbelievable comprehension of the world physically and mentally. If you are a thinker, philosopher, explorer of the mind then I would highly recommend that you allow your mind to open into this new realm of thought. It dramatically changed the way I percieve the world.

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