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the mad house

I am a fairly experienced 'tripper' but this was the worst experience I have ever had.

I am a fairly experienced 'tripper' but this was the worst experience I have ever had. It began around 8:30 when two of my friends came over to shroom. I had 15 homegrown and dried cubensis mushrooms and I was afraid that it would not be sufficient. My friends divided the pile, each taking about 7. I took 2 tabs of acid and gave one more to one of my friends, let's call him T.
We sat out back smoking cigarettes and after 20 mins they both reported seeing visuals. My acid had not even begun to flow but we decided to go for a walk.
We walked around the block in the dusky light as the stars grew more intense. My frirnds were fully shrooming by the time we returned (30 mins).
We sat on the back porch as I gazed up at the milky sky watching faint green flashes flicker across it. we talked and laughed athough I was on a completely different plane from them.
Soon I was seeing strange blue lights grow and fade on shadowed walls. Shadows from the trees bent and shimmered and the sky was ablaze with stars. My mood was light and I could not help smiling. Nut here's where the trouble started.
Soon T was talking about tripping too hard, saying he was

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