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The Journey

Well this how it started.

Well this how it started.I was waiting for my brother to get off of school to go pick some shrooms for later on tonight.When he got home we went to the cow fields and picked about 23 P.cubensis.When we got home i went to get some movies....i rented Soldier and Godzilla.At about 12am i took like 13shrooms and my bro took 10.after about 10mins....i was feeling the effects strong.I was tripping hard and it was only like 10-20mins since i took the shroom.

Well i went to go use the bathroom,i had to piss.after i did that i looked around and then i told my bro to come here....i shut the door and turned the lights off and i was seeing waves and colorfull shapes floating in the air.I lit up a cigg and watched the tracing...it was sooo cool.After we left the bathroom we poped in Soldier...by the way,that was a kick ass movie so rent it next time you trip.....half way into the movie i was seeing a little elf running around by my couch.I tried to catch him but he was too fast.By the time i started peeking i was tripping nuts...the elf came back and he was naked runnig up and down the walls.

After the movie i turned out the lights and enjoyed my visuals.My brother came back into the room screaming"the people with the knives r gonna get me Adam."So i took it that he was having a bad trip.So i told him"why don't you come on the journey with me."He asked what i was talking about so i told him just to go in my room.I got my CD player,Black light,and my pink floyd Pulse cd.I put in the cd,tuned the black light on and told my bro to close his eyes and picture this.....think about a place where nobody has been before....we r gonna be the first humans there.

I told him to picture mountains and clear skies with rainbows and rivers and an ocean...and little elves dancing on shrooms...he started to laugh and when i opened my eyes it was like i was there....i seen the elves and rainbows..it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland,it was fucking awsome......Then i felt like i was floating higher and higher...."damn" i said "i'm flying justin i'm flying."
i looked at my bro and he was glowing a green aura....by the time i was coming down i was still seeing pieces of the journey that i had experienced.

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