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The infinite oppurtunities of drugs

i wrote a paper for English class the other night about the Pro's of doing drugs.

i wrote a paper for English class the other night about the Pro's of doing drugs. this particular section got pretty interesting while i was writing it so i thought i might throw it on here and see what you guys think about it. Enjoy!

The last and most important aspect of drugs is found in their illegal usage. Most hallucinogens, such as marijuana, LSD, or Psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms), have the ability to open up your mind and expand your views. These drugs, when consumed or smoked, give one what people call a ‘high’. Most people assume getting ‘high’ is dire and will make you dumb and unable to reason properly, but they don’t see the whole picture. Most people don’t even know how the word ‘high’ originated. The term ‘high’ was given to the altering of one’s mind state, because when you get ‘high’, you go to a higher state of mind. Getting high takes your mind out of normal reality and puts it in a state of abnormal reality. When you get high, your mind is in an abnormal state of reality while your body remains in normal reality. This, of course, can cause many problems if misused. Having your mind and body in separate realities can skew your reason and judgment, as well as altering your perception and coordination. This is to be expected, having your mind in an abnormal reality separate from the normal reality. But if the drugs are used properly, going to this higher realm of reality can give one great advantages. It allows the mind to leave its body and view life from a different perspective. It allows one to view himself from outside his body. Normally people are unable to see things outside their own views, because their view of life is all they have ever known. But using drugs to attain a high will allow one to see things differently and will therefore expand one’s point of view. Along with gaining wisdom and expanding your views, drugs can also be used as an escape from ordinary reality. Sometimes life is too hard for one to deal with, so he gets high to escape from his hardship. Doing this will not only enable him to look upon his hardship from a different viewpoint, but will also give him the time to relax and think things through properly. When getting high you should be in a safe place and should not attempt to perform anything dangerous, such as driving. Also, when using drugs as an escape, one should limit uses in order to keep track of normal reality. Many people make the mistake of using habitually to escape and lose track of reality. If this happens, one becomes unable to act out the important views he discovered in abnormal reality. If one completely loses track of normal reality, than he will be unable to function in normal reality, and because of this, one’s only hope is to return to abnormal reality, where he is able to function properly. This lengthy process I described of losing track of reality is called addiction. This can all be avoided if one uses drugs properly and only on the occasion when needed. If used properly, hallucinogens and many other drugs can give one infinite opportunities.
Drugs have improved society in almost every aspect of life. They have enabled us to maintain better health, mentally and physically. Drugs will someday result in the maintaining of a perfect body and mind. They can give us an unbounded amount of wisdom by allowing us to view life from different viewpoints. Drugs open up an immeasurable amount of opportunities, but only if they are used properly, and only when absolutely necessary. If drugs are advanced enough, they could end up making life, perfect!

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