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The Infinate Blue...

It's actually been a few months since I experienced the trip I'm about to tell you about.

It's actually been a few months since I experienced the trip I'm about to tell you about. If you want to read a more play by play report of the entire experience, read my friends post "Amazing Chaos"-I'm the one who he claims to have lost to the shroom Gods.

Anyway, I ate a generous eighth of some bangin' Oregon shrooms and then rolled 2 joints of some rediculously good kind bud; a regular one and one with a shitload of shroom dust in it.

That is my last really normal memory of the night.
We were all drinking fruit drinks and my two friends turned into the colors of their juice. I put my hear back and closed my eyes to focus on what ever music we were listening to and lost all touch with reality. From here on I took a chaotic journey in my own mind.

I honestly felt as if I had completely left not only my body, but the entire dimension. Where I went I can only describe as an infinate blue plain where all beings and objects exist as one. There were no shapes or forms and no sound

Communication was achieved through an understanding that the plane had for all the beings and objects that comprised it. Everything got every need and desire granted. I experienced a true harmony. I can only describe it as a perfect existence that could not possibly be achieved in reality.

I felt connected to everything in the universe. I could feel it's energy as it flowed through me and I flowed through everything else.

Every so often I'd get a small sence of reality and try to sit up, but all I could muster were brief twitching spells.

Once or twice during the peak I was able to sit up and look around, but the blue world always pulled me back.

My ability to enter this alternate world passed as my peak began to end. I awoke to find my friends giggling maddly at the computer, munching on notebook paper. I declined their offer to join them, opting instead for an orange.

The rest of the experience is hazey and I doubt anything too out of the ordinary occured, so I won't bore you by reciting the usual melting walls and swirling colors.

We smoked the joint I had rolled the shroom dust into as we were coming down, It brought me back up a little but after a short time we all went to sleep.

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